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Free Websites for Learning Android Application Development

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It’s now ten years since Google acquired Android Inc and now has grown enormously and currently has more than one million of apps developed and also has the record of having largest installed operating software in the world. Number of developers for android is 40% which is superior than number of developers for iOS (37%). Google has Android source code under open source license. Hence there is a huge community growing together to develop various Android applications. In this article, various sources on learning Android programming are discussed. It is believed that to Android programming skills from trusted sources is very important to develop the efficient applications.

Android Application Development
Android Application Development

Android Developers community

Google has its official Android developer’s community to help and support in developing Android applications. It has covered all the prerequisites to set up the beginner’s computer to start developing his/her first Android application. Click here to visit start page of Android Developer’s community. The quick links which enables the user to install the required software and drivers, using the development environment and guides step by step instructions until user develops his first application.

Set up Android Studio
Build your first app
Learn about Android
Sample projects


Udacity hosts online video learning courses. It has a course called ‘Developing Android Apps’ which is fully developed and taught by expert developers from Google itself. The topics in the course cover basics of starting an app to developing highly efficient, high performance and great looking apps. The courses are completely free of cost.

  1. Android App Development for Beginners: How to Make an Android App, with Katherine Kuan
  2. Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals, with Reto Meier, Katherine Kuan, Dan Galpin and Alex Lucas
  3. Advanced Android app development: Productionize and Publish Your Apps, with Dan Galpin, Ian Lake and Johanna Smith
  4. Google Play services: Use Google APIs to Improve Your Apps (Maps, Location, and more!), with Jocelyn Becker, Magnus Hyttsten and Laurence Moroney
  5. Android Ubiquitous Computing: Extend Apps to Wearables, TV and Auto, with Timothy Jordan, Wayne Piekarski and Joshua Gordon
  6. Android Performance: Optimizing Apps for Speed and Usability, with Colt McAnlis
  7. Android Design for Developers: Make Your Apps Material, with Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik
  8. Gradle for Android and Java: Build Better Apps Though Automation with Gradle

Android Concepts from

For Beginners the community has ‘Android concept lessons’ which is especially targeted at beginners who want start their Android development fresh.      Also, it has a tutorial on developing an Android application which involves interaction with Twitter.

  1. Android Building Blocks & Components
  2. Android Development Environment Setup
  3. How to run Hello World Android app
  4. Layouts in Android
  5. Android Activity Lifecycle
  6. Intents in Android
  7. Android View Elements
  8. Android ListView

And there are a few courses yet to release too. Similarly there are detailed topics on developing a twitter application from scratch. is an alternative for beginners who would wish to learn Android in a way different from how it is taught by Android Community. Every beginner will have their own preferences.

Fully concentrating one tutorial will be still better than trying to learn from multiple sources in parallel. Going through the entire course once and then deciding the better one will helps to save time and increases the learning speed. Good luck and welcome to Android!

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