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Most Trending Facebook Groups and Pages

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Facebook itself is a platform for people to share things in life with each other. With the groups option in Facebook it is much easier to start new topics and involve many other common minded people in the groups. A simple example is a group of people who believe in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). There are a few Facebook groups which are trending from long term and have some significant likes and visits. Some of the few are shared in this article

The Back Benchers Official

Back Benchers
Back Benchers

The Back Benchers Official has till date a total likes of 1.7 Million! There are nearly 700 thousand people talking about the Back Benchers Official group. This Facebook group here, has own the ‘Best Entertainment Page India 2013’. It has a very catchy title of ‘We don’t have books in hands But We have revolutionary ideas in Mind! Here is the official link for the website of the group.

1,000,000 Pictures

1,000,000 Pictures
1,000,000 Pictures

With 13 Million likes and 1.3 Million active people, the 1,000,000 Pictures (1 Million pictures is a trending one), the mission statement ‘Keep the Shooting Going’ goes hand in hand with the activity of the people in it. There are very cute, amazing, astonishing, breath taking, funny and many other kind of photos. The group and the photos can be accessed here and here respectively.

Guinness World Records

Guiness World Record
Guinness World Record

There are 9 million likes for the Guinness World Records group. The Photos are astonishing, fascinating and some are impossible for a common man for sure. If one has to appreciate the extremes of the human power in terms of physical strength, memory power, concentration, ability to face extreme peril situations, this is the best group. There are no fake pictures and hence, it is worth spending time in this group and as an act of appreciation you can like it and share the page with your friends. Hat’s off to the people out there. The group photos can be found here.


Facebook India
Facebook India

With a mission of ‘Become a fan to learn more about what Facebook is doing in India’ the group is to share more about what Facebook as an organization is doing in India. It says that there are millions of people who use Facebook services to share the photos and videos and let others understand more about them. The astonishing numbers of likes and number of people are 163 Million and nearly 1 million people talking about it. The photos section of the group majorly talks about controlling who can view the pictures uploaded by the user and about security of accounts in general. The group can be accessed here.

America’s Got Talent

America's got talent
America’s got talent

With 3 million likes, 165 thousand people talking about the show, America’s Got Talent has really captured a great America’s time and curiosity. The surprise performances mixed with emotions and alluring talents are all a great treat for humanity. Without any language barrier, the show is enjoyed worldwide in multiple nations. The Group can be accessed here and a like is a must if you have been enjoying the show lately.

There are many groups trending across the globe on Facebook. There are private groups where there may be yet more activities going on. With more than 20% of world population actively participating in Facebook and of course it goes without saying that Facebook is one of the major revolutions in socializing online in the entire human history.

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