Top 5 Anti-Malware of 2015

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The comparison is possible for various categories: Enterprise, small business and Home. Home Anti Virus software will be explored and top 5 anti-malware software used will be chosen based on the qualitative and quantitative study done by distinguished lab. Dennis Technology Labs is one such pioneer in testing the software for its strength with a common test strategy to get unbiased results. Looking at the extensive resources and efforts put by the Dennis Technology labs, the report will be directly analyzed without rationalizing with user reviews.

About the Report

All reports have a life time after which they can be deemed invalid. Frequent updates, patches and newer risks all add to the variance in the reports and hence this article considers the report from first quarter of 2015. While generating the report, a broad definition of the ideal software was put up as a program which always allows legitimate software installations without questioning and blocks all threats upfront.

Top 5 Anti-Malwares

From top order, Kaspersky Internet Security Essentials 2015, Norton Security, Avast! Free Antivirus, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security and ESET Smart Security 8 are the best five anti-malwares as reported by Dennis Technology labs. Kaspersky Internet Security beats all others in protection and legitimate accuracy. In order to give a heads-up about other anti-malware products in the comparison list were Microsoft Security Essentials which came at the last. It had about 33% of failure cases. By comparison, Kaspersky Internet Security had 0% failure in terms of accuracy of legitimate protection.

More Insights on the Malware Testing a Behavior of Few Programs

One of the notable things during the testing was that, the products which were able to detect the malware sites faster eventually came out as more secure in terms of protection accuracy. It is evident from the fact that, since the malware was stopped at the source level, there was an inherent strength against the attacks.

While measuring the protection accuracy, a malware should ideally be detected and stopped immediately after the malware was introduced into the test system. The programs which stopped them upfront scored most of the points while some programs scored least as they were able to detect it only after a substantial amount of infection was done to the system.

In terms of taking decision about legitimate software it was observed that, a few products namely McAfee Internet Security and especially Panda Free Antivirus were asking the users to approve some of the software installations. Which is merely acceptable as it makes the whole protection process weaker as the user will have very less thinking and evaluating power on product compared to software which are dedicated for that purpose. Other products such as AVG Antivirus Free 2015, Kaspersky Internet Security and Microsoft Internet Security Essentials didn’t involved the user in the process of taking decision on the applications to categorize them as legitimate or not. This is expected out of a good product.


The programs finally declared perfect were Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, Norton Security, Avast! Free Antivirus, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security and ESET Smart Security 8 and all of them are at top rating as per the report from the Dennis Technology labs. All the numerical and mathematics of scoring is detailed in the report available in Dennis Technology Labs.


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