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Windows 10 Release date, Windows 10 Features and Windows 10 News

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Windows 10 beta version was released for selected parties to collect usage experience and fix bugs and optimize UI. Windows 10 is all set to release now and is being expected very curiously by a vast majority of audience. The level of integration of apps, social media connectivity and native applications support and much more are expected to be tweaked greatly. In this article, much of the authentic details available from Microsoft are brought out. Read on.

When is the Windows 10 being released?

It is official now and will be released on July 29th.

How different will Windows 10 be compared to Windows 8 and Windows 7?

Windows-10As per Microsoft official notes, the Windows 10 will have a classic Start button with Windows logo which was definitely missed by majority of Windows 8 community. Windows 10 have added security in the operating systems. The time of booting and resuming has been increased significantly in Windows 10. It again promises not to give surprises for the applications which we already have in Windows 8 and Windows 7. The compatibility will be there to the maximum extent for old applications designed for Windows 8 and other earlier supported versions. Hence the Windows 10 is regarded as the fine combination of Windows 7 simplicity and Windows 8 tiles version.

Are there Windows 10 users out there already?

Windows 10 is being developed as a community based operating system where there is feedback and experiences being taken form a huge community before the official release. Many people are already using Windows 10, both in computers and on mobiles. The community is astonishingly big with wide range of experience and usage levels. Microsoft claims that the community size is already in Millions. Microsoft calls the program as Windows Insider, where any user can get the experience of new products from Windows before the application is released officially to the users.

What do Windows 10 have in store for the users?

Microsoft Edge is being showcased as an innovative browser which has very high integration with Cortana, Cortana is already present in windows 8.1 devices. One Note and other Microsoft products. The user can get benefit of reviewing the timelines, schedule meeting based on the mail received, set reminders and take notes all without leaving the Microsoft Edge browser.

Multitasking is easier than ever before with the support of snapping up to four apps in place, possibility of viewing all open tasks in one view, and fascinating option of creating virtual desktops. This premium package will definitely pull more users immediately to Windows 10 who looks at getting better support for performance.

Windows has become more personal than ever before. The Cortana is waiting to help the users to schedule their tasks, remind them about important activities and help them look at the plan for the day. It is the most intelligent application to have on laptop and mobiles to see things such as To-Do, calendar, meetings in a more sophisticated and modern way.

Overall Windows 10 is more productive, more flexible, more familiar and more personal. To reserve a copy of Windows here is the link.

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