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Remote Desktop Applications for Windows 10

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Remote desktop applications supports logging into a computer connected to Internet in a remote place. It is not just the logging in feature that is considered here but the security and the easiness of usage which is considered more important now while selecting a remote desktop application. In this article few of top free remote desktop applications of windows 8 are looked upon here as they are expected to continue to service the user community with updated software for Windows 10 operating system.

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Team Viewer

Team Viewer is the first organization to release Windows 8 compatible remote application software for Windows 8 store. Team Viewer is the most easy and quick to learn software and is also simple to use. It is in the number one position in terms among the free remote desktop applications. Team Viewer software is available for free for personal usage and includes a fee for commercial purpose. The light version of Team Viewer software is available for download which can be used without actually installing the full app. It is useful in case the user of the computer do not have rights to install third party software. It provides an ID and password which can be used to connect to his remote computer. The user on other side will be able to see the screen in parallel. The simple approach of the team Viewer while keeping all the features to be controlled on remote computer makes it the number of software. Team Viewer can be used to control the remote PC fully.

Splashtop 2

Splashtop 2 is another excellent remote desktop application. One important note on the Splashtop is that it is cross platform compatible. The organization has developed applications for a wide range of platform including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and many more. Splashtop 2 is a powerful application and demands more CPU and memory on the client computer. One need to create an account with Splashtop in order to use across registered devices. Splashtop 2 is also free for personal use and has a small fee for commercial usage. Splashtop is a more appropriate option for a small business where it is vital to work on shared resources via multitasking.

LogMeIn – JoinMe

JoinMe is the application from LogMeIn. JoinMe is like a presentation room which a user can take the control of. It is similar to ‘go to meeting’ where the user interface is modern and pleasant for having business meetings and comes with a fee. JoinMe can be used to present power point slides, where all the participants can involve actively, comment on the shared screen and take notes. The JoinMe application has following excellent features: sharing files, whiteboard annotations, swapping the screen with others etc. JoinMe is limited to sharing screens and to have meetings online.

To summarize the Team Viewer is a light, simple application for remote login and to control the computer. Splashtop 2 is more advanced and supports multitasking and is a good option if shared work environment is a default. The all new remote login from Microsoft is expected to have some more goodies and is expected to arrive along with the Windows 10 operating system and at this point in time there is no much information about the Remote Desktop application from Microsoft. The features of Microsoft Remote Login are yet to be revealed.

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