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20 Free Blurred Backgrounds

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Blurred background is a latest fad among web and graphic designers to add extra appeal to their prime subject. This is one of the most popular trick that is followed by almost every designers or photographers of all kinds to give focus to the main object or make the look of the picture more attractive. There are various tricks and techniques available online to help you do blurred the background of your picture by yourself. You do not need to be a professional photographer or a high tech designer to use these tricks. The DIY methods are easy to understand and also time and money saver.

The cherry of the cake is that here we share you the 20 Free blurred backgrounds to help you enhance your creative experience with your own “do it yourself” blurred background techniques. This will definitely help you to get the desired look of your picture easily.

1. High Quality Blurred Backgrounds (10 Items)

High Quality Blurred Backgrounds (10 Items)

2. Blurred Backgrounds Mega Pack (40 Items)

Blurred Backgrounds Mega Pack (40 Items)

3. Blurred Images for Backgrounds (20 Items)

Blurred Images for Backgrounds (20 Items)


4. Blurred Backgrounds Pack (20 Items)

Blurred Backgrounds Pack (20 Items)

5. High-Res Blurred Backgrounds (50 Items)

High-Res Blurred Backgrounds (50 Items)

6. Free Blurred Backgrounds (17 Items)

Free Blurred Backgrounds (17 Items)

7. Blurred Backgrounds for iOS 7 apps (5 Items)

Blurred Backgrounds for iOS 7 apps (5 Items)

8. Large Blurred Backgrounds (20 Items)

Large Blurred Backgrounds (20 Items)

9. Free Blurry Backgrounds (16 Items)

Free Blurry Backgrounds (16 Items)


10. Free Blur Backgrounds For Wallpaper (7 Items)

Free Blur Backgrounds For Wallpaper (7 Items)

11. Free Blurred Backgrounds (15 Items)

Free Blurred Backgrounds (15 Items)

12. Beautiful Blurred Backgrounds (10 Items)

Beautiful Blurred Backgrounds (10 Items)

13. Blurred Backgrounds Free Download (18 Items)

Blurred Backgrounds Free Download (18 Items)

14. Free Blurred Backgrounds: Retina & Dribbble Ready (10 Items)

Free Blurred Backgrounds- Retina & Dribbble Ready (10 Items)

15. High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds (13 Items)

High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds (13 Items)

16. Blurred Backgrounds (23 Items)

Blurred Backgrounds (23 Items)

17. Free Blurred Backgrounds (5 items)

Free Blurred Backgrounds (5 items)

18. Summer Blurred Backgrounds Freebie

Summer Blurred Backgrounds Freebie

19. Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric Backgrounds



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