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Most popular Firefox add-ons

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Add-ons are the uniquely developed tiny applications developed to work along with the browser. Add-ons vary from simple calendar to complex HTML developing applications. This article takes through the most popular add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. These might not be top rated ones in the Mozilla store but definitely the most popular add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. The users of these add-ons have really admired these add-ons and the add-ons have become inseparable from the browser. There is a saying that any browser is never complete without a add-on. The rest of this article section provides a bird view of the top most popular add-ons at this point in time.

By: Fabricio Zuardi

Adblock plus for Firefox

Adblock plus is a popular add-on for blocking advertisements in the Firefox browser. It not only blocks the advertisements from simple HTML or PHP pages but also from YouTube (most desired) Facebook and of course more. There is an option to control the amount of blockage in the tools. The advertisements can be blocked totally, improving the reading and browsing experience. The tools option in Adblock Plus provides to control the level of advertisements blocked. From intrusive animation ads to simple text based native style ads.

Video Downloader Helper for Firefox

‘One of the best’ might not be the right phrase for the Video Downloader Helper. Video Download Helper has stayed in the top downloaded add-ons especially to download videos from YouTube. Video Downloader Helper easily replaces annoying dedicated other installable applications. Cherry on the cake is that the Video Downloader Helper add-on allows the user to select the required resolution of video while downloading videos. The add-on deserves yet more audience. The Video Download Helper automatically gets the list of all available downloadable media in the open page. The user then only needs to select the files which need to be downloaded. If there are no supportable media files, the Video Download Helper icon will not glow in the tool bar (else, it will be colorful with a little animation).

Firebug for Firefox

Firebug, an add-on, a best friend for a web developer, is a minimalist treasure for anybody interested in designing and developing web pages. It easily integrates with Firefox. In short, the add-on allows the user to monitor the CSS’s type sheets, HTML pages, Java scripts, live in any pages. The users can view the properties of the loaded page for learning purpose or, it can be simple used to get to know the performance of the design style and the page contents in a browser in real time. The user can also edit and debug right there while browsing. It is a 5 star rated app in the store.

Ghostery for Firefox

The truth will never be bad as it seems. The reason might be to keep the browsing history a secret or for a genuine reason of being safe online, Ghostery add-on is a must for keeping the browsing data confidential. It is also a 5 star rated application in Mozilla store. The Ghostery can be used to see who is tracking the browsing activity of the user and lets the user to block it/them. In one sense Ghostery not only keeps our tracks invisible but also checks on the beacons and bells placed by other social and shopping websites and remove them.

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