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Must know facts of Google Chrome

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Since its inception in 2008, Google Chrome has revolutionized the browsing industry with its unbelievable performance benchmarks and security. Chrome is the browser from Google. It is the most preferred browser for its niche add-ons. Its easiness, pleasant interface and its light feature in admired everywhere. The simple, light elegant Chrome browser has also has some few to good to know features which will be listed in this comprehensive article.

By: Manuel Iglesias

In general, when we copy the contents from a webpage pasting only the text, losing formats and other HTML elements will be difficult unless we have Chrome browser. Chrome Browser helps in pasting text only with a shortcut. The pasting of text only contents from one Google Chrome browser’s tabs to another one will work for sure. To paste only text, user has to press CTRL + Shift + V instead of standard CTRL + V.

Reopening of all the pages which were open in last browsing session is easy in Chrome browser. This feature is present in basic tab of Google Chrome ‘options’ window. It is also possible to get a chance to test the appearance of newly designed pages on iPad in Google Chrome browser. The user agent string can be easily changed in order to switch to iPad interface.

Sync option is very helpful which is present in Google Chrome. Once sync is setup, the sync feature can be used in other computers which synchronize settings, reading list, extensions, auto fills and bookmarks. The interesting feature in the Google Chrome browser is the option to create application shortcuts in the following places: Desktop, Start menu and Pin to taskbar. The pages can directly be pinned in any of the said locations. Hence the user can directly land on his favorite page in one click even when the browsers are closed.

Chrome browser provides an insight on the resource usage. This can be activated by typing ‘About: Memory’ (with-out quotes) in the Chrome’s address bar. It gives one to one comparison with other open browsers (think Firefox and Internet Explorer). Another niche feature is the option to resize the text box in the webpage which helps in avoiding the irritating scroll bar. It becomes really annoying when the text to be entered is too much but the text box is small, which will be hen be a pain to scroll in the small text box for correcting or verifying the data entered in the text box.

Resource monitoring is also possible in Google Chrome tab wise. Chrome offers a built in task manager so that one or some of the processes can be killed without closing entire Google Chrome browser. Reason behind this portability is that, the Chrome treats each tab as independent process. Of course Google Chrome is from the Google. Hence all the currency conversions, calculator in the address bar, are all are built and designed to use in chrome address bar by default. Pressing CTRL+ Shift + I opens the developer tools where a web designer can come to know more about the information on the elements in the webpage such as documents, style sheets, JavaScript and other html elements. This is the most valuable thing for developers which help in tweaking the performance and loading speed appropriately. Chrome is one of the most important software packages for operating system and a niche browser.

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