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20 Nice Infographic PSDs for Designer

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Infographic PSDs are the coolest way for the designers to share the information through attractive looking graphical designs. Usually, when you create a full infographic design, you need to use Google to locate all the statistics and information and also have to do lot of research that need your precious time.  What if, you get all PSDs free so that you don’t need to collect gradients, vectors, buttons etc from here and there online?

Yes, here we share 20 links that offer you completely free PSDs for infographics design. These will help you to share large information in a compact place with more attractive way and can enhance your professional presence with immense power. Now, you don’t need to waste your time to do research and you can easily convey even the most complex data in a simpler way.

1. Travel Infographic Template

Travel Infographic Template

2. Chart And Graph Infographic Set

Chart And Graph Infographic Set

3. Infographic Vector Elements Vol2

Infographic Vector Elements Vol2


4. Infographic And Diagram Vector Material

Infographic And Diagram Vector Material


5. Infographics Design Elements

Infographics Design Elements

6. Elements Template

Elements Template



8. Infographics 2 in 1

Infographics 2 in 1

9. Earth Infographics

Earth Infographics

10. 3 in 1 Fresh

3 in 1 Fresh

11. Vector Elements

Vector Elements

12. The Six Pack

The Six Pack

13. The First Bundle

The First Bundle

14. Business Infographic Template

Business Infographic Template


15. Stats Infographic Kit

Stats Infographic Kit


16. Infographic Template

Infographic Template


17. Flat Infographic Template

Flat Infographic Template

18. 3D Infographic Elements

3D Infographic Elements

19. 3D Premium Infographic Kit

3D Premium Infographic Kit

20. Bits and Pieces of Infographics

Bits and Pieces of Infographics


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