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20 Beautiful Cake Mockup PSDs

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Cake mockups are the badge or panel design that you add on your cake box. If you are in a business of cake baking or bakery, you must need beautiful cake mockup PSDs to define your extinguish creativity and identity through these mock ups. These PSDs help to enhance the charm of your bakery magic with the attractive box design.

Here are 20 beautiful Cake Mockup PSDs that will certainly help to boost up your bakery business to a new high. These mockup PSDs are attractive and easy to use. You can add graphics, pictures, layers of Photoshop designs or anything of your choice that you may feel to add in your Cake box. You can also choose attractive fonts, can experiment with the splash of colors and add your theme based design with various available online PSDs.

The PSDs are as follows:

1. Cake Box

Cake Box

2. Cupcake Box Mock Up

Cupcake Box Mock Up

3. Anniversary Cake Mockup

Anniversary Cake Mockup

4. Cake Box Packaging


5. Romantic Wedding Cake

GraphicRiver Romantic Wedding Cake

6. Cake Baker

GraphicRiver Cake Baker


7. Gift Box Packaging Cake

Gift Box Packaging Cake


8. Bear With Cake

GraphicRiver Bear With Cake


9. Cake House Corporate Identity

GraphicRiver Cake House Corporate Identity

10. Set of Birthday Party Elements for your Design

Set of Birthday Party Elements for your Design

11. Valentine’s Cake Packaging


12. Cupcake Package

Cupcake Package

13. Cake Box

Cake Box

14. Birthday Cake Candles

Birthday Cake Candles

15. Three Tier Birthday Cake

GraphicRiver Three Tier Birthday Cake 9694946

16. Romantic Cake

GraphicRiver Romantic Cake 3694304

17. Cartoon Girl with Cake

Cartoon Girl with Cake

18. Gay Wedding Cake

Gay Wedding Cake

19. Retro party cupcake

Retro party cupcake

20. Grandmother Baked A Cake 

GraphicRiver Grandmother Baked A Cake 10859104

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