TextPad – A Must Application for Microsoft Windows

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The native text application from Microsoft Windows is Notepad and is very limited in terms of functionality. It doesn’t become much of a problem for the one who do not need much of the resourceful text editing tools. The Notepad goes for a toss when the file size exceeds a couple of Gigabytes. Here comes the TextPad for rescue. This article reviews and lists all the features of the TextPad tool has and the benefits the user can have by having it installed in their computer.

TextPad - A Must Application for Microsoft Windows
TextPad – A Must Application for Microsoft Windows

TextPad Features

Block selection is the preliminary feature of TextPad which helps the user to select the selective area of the TextPad which is impossible to do in Notepad. Next feature of TextPad is the ability to indent the code. If you are a programmer (C, C++, java, PHP and more) then TextPad is an excellent companion and helps in auto indentation and auto code complete feature. For example, the TextPad automatically generates the flower braces as soon as the user opens the opening brace for a while loop. It implies that, by the time the programmer completes the body of the loop automatically. Also, the automatic tab spacing is taken care of which improves code readability. Even the most latest integrated development Environment still lack in that features.

Textpad - A Must Application for Microsoft Windows
Textpad – A Must Application for Microsoft Windows

The TextPad also features the excellent macro recording feature. Macro is a group of instructions that can be executed in a single click. Macros in TextPad come very handy when there is a need to do repeated tasks. As an example application of TextPad in data logging, where the logged file will be very huge. For the other systems to process the text there will be a need to delete only certain column and leave the rest. Also, removal of the end characters such as check sum will be an impossible task to do manually. A small macro can be written in a matter of seconds and then just by running it (TextPad allows it to run once, defined number of times or till the end of the file). TextPad does the job and the user can rest for a while (of course, execution time might be a few seconds to minutes sometimes, depending upon the number of instructions in the macro and the total size of the file currently being processed).

The other features of TextPad include synchronous scrolling of multiple files. TextPad also supports tabbed view, which is similar to browser’s tabbed view, which helps in accessing multiple TextPad supported files easily. The TextPad supports integration of TextPad file into Integrated Development Environment. Where, the edit done in TextPad will automatically compiled by the compiler. This integration helps the user to use TextPad for its simplicity and for the code indentation support, while the compiler can compile the TextPad file directly.

The features Of TextPad still goes on -TextPad includes clip library, which is a set of small sections which can be readily used for repetitive tasks. Presently TextPad is only available for Microsoft Windows users and the latest version for download is available here.

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