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5+ Free HDD Defragmenter Softwares

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Defragmentation of a hard disk drive (HDD) is an easy and quick way of boosting the speed of your computer and improving its performance.

Several defragmenters are available in the market today and they offer various optimizations and defrag options and you have to be sure of what is right for your individual personal computer. You have to be aware of the features that you need to use to keep your hard drive in the best shape possible. Most users go about defragmenting junk. They need to understand that whatever they do on their computers, it will create temporary files which do not get automatically removed. A regular part of the maintenance routine has to involve emptying the recycle bin, cleaning up the temporary folders and the browser cache.

This has to be done just before the defragmentation if time is not to be wasted. Defrag is best after a cleanup job.

These are the five best free HDD defragmenter software:-

Iobit Smart Defrag 3 – This is considered as one of the best software available for defragmentation of your hard disk drive. It has more than thirty million users. It is super fast and it gives you the highest data accessing speed. This is a free tool which is made for maximum performance of your hard drive. This is based on Iobit’s latest boot time disk defrag technology. It not only defragments but can also streamline the files depending on the frequency of use. It accelerates the speed f the disk for accessing the data faster.



Auslogics Disk Defrag – It is an easy method to defragment. It has some useful extra features and a simple interface which makes it a good choice for users of all levels of skills. Its interface features the cluster map in a classic way which displays empty space along with fragmented and non-fragmented portions. Here is an interesting video to show you how it works.


Defraggler – This software enables you to defragment the complete hard drive along with specific folders and files. It also supports the `quick defrag’ feature. It is a portable app and it can be run from even a thumb drive if work is needed on multiple PCs. The app can be scheduled to defrag the hard drive at regular periods and clean up the drive for creation of free space and quick speed.


MyDefrag – This software was known earlier as JKDefrag. This is a tool for disk defragmentation and it is easy to use. It includes few scripts along with a scripting engine which gives the user an access to the underpinnings. There is a command line and a screensaver to run while the software cleans up your disk drive. When you defragment with this tool, loading of larger files like videos or games becomes much faster.


Windows’ Built-in Disk Defragmenter – This is an app which has been provided in your Windows operating system to get the cleaning job done. It analyzes and defragments the hard drive at defined intervals and does it every week by default. It does not, however, provide some advanced tools such as utilities of idle system and folder/file defragmentation. There is no need to install this software as it is built-in.



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