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Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins

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The WordPress plug-ins are a way of optimizing the online and open source resource available for WordPress based websites. The WordPress plug-ins site offers free and premium plug-ins and they are the de-facto standard plugins for websites which are designed using WordPress development environment. The number of plug-ins currently count to 38961 with about 1 billion downloads. This article quickly describes the most popular plug-ins and the benefits and features.

Akismet – 4.7 out of 5 stars

Akismet - Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins
Akismet – Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins

Akismet plug-in enables the comments to be verified by Akismet web service to see whether the comments are real or spam (spam looking). This plug-in helps the people to manage multiple sites and filter out unwanted and misleading comments right at the door. The flagged comments (spam looking/mis-leading comments) are presented to the user. The user later, can only spend his time over the flagged ones to decide which one to publish and which one to delete upfront. The URLs hyperlinked in the comments are automatically added in the body of the comments to filter out the misleading and spam links easily. API key is required to use the Akismet plug-in. The API Key is free for personal blogs but requires a fee for business and commercial sites.

Wordfence Security – 4.9 out of 5 stars

Wordfence - Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins
Wordfence – Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins

The Plug-in scans the source code of the complete website and helps in detecting the infection present in the website even before starting protection. The code will be compared with official WordPress data base for the plug-ins, themes and code. The plug-in helps in securing the site and also increases the speed of website for up to 50 times. The plug-in is 100% free and open source. The paid version supports Country blocking, scheduled scans, and password auditing. It also enforces strong passwords for publishers, administrators and users thereby increasing the safety. The fastest available falcon Engine, which is the fastest caching engine for WordPress currently. The Wordfence Scans effectively for potential back door threats, blocks potential known phishing and malware URLs.

JetPack – 4 out of 5 stars

Jetpack - Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins
Jetpack – Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins

Jetpack is one pack solution for both WordPress and non WordPress users. It is a single solution add-on for customizing the style sheets, traffic analysis, mobile browser support, and performance tools. Infinite scrolls and tiles galleries, contact forms, widgets loadable from sidebar are a few of the options available with respect to customizations possible. The light weight yet responsive theme for mobiles and tablets making the site more approachable for all kind of users. Content tools feature the option to create a post automatically by sending the mail. The plug-in improves the visitor engagement with improved distribution, social media buttons, subscriptions and site verification tools.

Contact Form 7 – 4.6 out of 5 stars

Contact Form 7- Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins
Contact Form 7- Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins

Contact Form 7 helps in managing multiple contact forms and also supports the customization of form and the contents of the mail flexibly using simple mark-up. CAPTCHA, filtering spams with Akismet, Ajax powered submitting and more are supported by Contact Form 7. Most prominently the powerful translation service is a great resource for the web designer. All the documentation is available from here and the frequently asked questions and answers are available from here.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – 4.6 out of 5 stars

WordPress SEO- Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins
WordPress SEO- Most Five Useful WordPress Plugins

Though the existing WordPress is already optimized platform for Search Engine Optimizations, this tool is not dispensable. A nice video tutorial of the WordPress is available from here. Page analysis and support for better web pages in terms of SEO gives the option to write meta tags and focus keywords so beautifully so that the user need not worry too much for adding the SEO items in the web page easily.

With all the plug-ins discussed, covering wider range from safety to publicity to SEO, the website now should now reach to a great heights.


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