5 Nice Flowchart Softwares

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A business cannot possibly run smoothly without a flowchart software program. Flowcharts provide a way to present complex ideas and do performance forecast. Although word processors and spreadsheet software applications provide tools to create basic diagrams, they lack the functionality to easily create charts and manipulate them for further analyses. In full-fledged flowchart software, you get diagram features, text and graphic tools, and help and support from the developers to proceed successfully with your flowcharting project.

Here is a list of 5+ flowchart software programs to help you get started:

Microsoft Visio

Visio is undoubtedly the best flowchart software available out there. It provides many basic as well as advanced tools to make the process of creating professional diagrams easy and straightforward. It includes a symbols gallery, option of drag & drop, layers, grids & guides, automatic spacing and alignment, connector labels, multiple page support, and real-time collaboration. Some of its unique features include character formatting, handle reshaping support, object effects, backgrounds, and design themes. Not only email support but also technical support on phone and live chat is available for Visio users who are stuck on a technical issue.


EDraw Max

It is an excellent diagramming software program for business professionals to create flowcharts, organizational charts, building plans and even fashion designs and directional maps with ease and flexibility. It is relatively less expensive than many other flowchart software applications available out there and is therefore suitable for students and teachers as well. It offers themes and effects as well as distinct colors, shapes, fonts and symbols for all diagram objects.



This is an online diagramming and collaboration software especially developed for teams to create, edit and publish flowcharts together. It supports more than 50 types of diagrams and thousands of examples are available to the user to choose the one that best meets their needs. If you are looking for a program to immediately start making diagrams, Creately is the one you need.



This one is comparable in quality and price to Microsoft Visio offering cloud-based and download options to the users. With the exception of junction jogs and adding connector points to symbols, it offers all the features like Visio. It supports multiple pages, hyperlinks, expanding and collapsing groups, and ability to add notes, memos and comments for reference.


Edge Diagrammer

You can easily make a number of technical and design flowcharts using Edge Diagrammer, which is a state-of-the-art diagramming tool with a 3-day free trial available to test its functionality. Its results have been proven to be excellent and very high quality. It is not available as a cloud-based solution but it offers all the required features and functions that anyone would look for in a diagramming tool. Like Visio, it provides character formatting, color schemes, object linking and embedding, transparency, and multiple text areas.


Before spending money on a flowchart software program, make sure you review all their features and functions in order to find the best one available out there that would fulfill all your diagramming requirements.

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