ScreenPresso – The Breath-Taking Screen-Shot Capturing Tool

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Pressing the PrntScr in the keyboard captures the snapshot of the entire Desktop running on Microsoft Windows. Though there are few tricks to capture the screen shot intelligently using the native Print screen option supported by native Windows Application. The native screenshot application using which the user can capture the entire screen, or the screen without the task bar in the bottom of the screen or only the active window. Still, the requirements still is far less met by the native screen shot application (PrntScr option). This article briefs installation, benefits, and premium support options available with a screen capturing tool for Microsoft Windows – ScreenPresso.

ScreenPresso - The Breath-Taking Screen-Shot Capturing Tool
ScreenPresso – The Breath-Taking Screen-Shot Capturing Tool

How to Download ScreenPresso?

ScreenPresso application is available for download from the main website. Click here to download ScreenPresso software for both Windows versions and iOS.

How to Capture Screenshots from ScreenPresso?

Capturing the screenshots from the ScreenPresso tool is a cake walk. The action of pressing a button on the keyboard (PrntScr) brings out a pointer with crossed lines with the pointer at the center of the screen. The user than simple needs to draw the rectangle to select the required area of snapshot. The image then will be automatically saved in the clipboard which can be directly pasted in the MS word or other documents. The tool automatically selects the open windows or other Windows elements such as toolbars or menu bars in the open Windows. The application is light weight and executes faster and sometimes runs in background.

The capture button in the ScreenPresso application has many more powerful options for capturing screen shots. The screen shot capture options provide a region capturing tool which captures a predefined region area whenever the screenshot command is given (Clicking on the capture button). The region can be redrawn or a previous drawn region can be loaded. This helps a lot for capturing multiple images for a presentation which are of equal size. The most prominent application of fixed region capture is the ability to create a huge database of faces for face recognition application running in background.

The screenshot can be delayed by 3 s if required. The screenshot will be captured after 3 s of issuing capture command.

Impressive Features of ScreenPresso

Image Editor-ScreenPresso - The Breath-Taking Screen-Shot Capturing Tool
Image Editor-ScreenPresso – The Breath-Taking Screen-Shot Capturing Tool

The ScreenPresso software stores the recent images in the task-bar window. When the application from task bar is selected, multiple files can be selected and with just one click the document can be created with all the images (it can be power point, MS Word or a PDF). This helps in quick presentation and sharing the snapshots professionally.

The ScreenPresso also features video recording capability with HD quality. The audio still cannot be recorded with the microphone, but the external speakers can be used as audio input.

ScreenPresso Capture- The Breath-Taking Screen-Shot Capturing Tool
ScreenPresso Capture- The Breath-Taking Screen-Shot Capturing Tool

The inbuilt photo editor helps in creating vertically cut and horizontally cut snapshots to get rid of the unwanted area in the screenshot region in a precise way. The tools in the editor include the options to draw arrow, add text, ad rectangles and circles. These features help to create stunningly looking screen captures with explanations and leads.

Overall ScreenPresso deserves the position of most productive and light weight application for capturing the screenshots for Microsoft Windows. Hence, it can be surely called as the “Ultimate Screen Capture Utility”.

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