Top 5 Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress

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Websites get revamped when there is a dedicated WordPress Plugin for the images or the gallery. Images of course say thousand words. With the revolution of internet speed now, images are preferred over lengthy texts. Of course no images can praise Shakespeare work but for the rest, images will do. There are many Plug-ins available for free for the websites and each comes with their own features and special niche things which make the decision little difficult to just to stick to one. This article lists the top 5 plug-ins for image gallery available in WordPress plug-in store.

Gallery by Supsystic (4.2 /5)

Gallery by Supsystic

Latest Version: 1.3.3

Download link: Here

The Gallery by Supsystic is an excellent image gallery plugin and allows the website developer to add images to the gallery using native image up-loader of WordPress media loader. The plugin adapts dynamically to mobile and computer platforms and is compatible with all the browsers. The rendering looks beautiful on all the platforms and provides nice way of displaying photos, snapshot and other images which needs to be displayed.       Fade in, fade out and other transition effects are available to be applied for the gallery plugin. There are preset galleries available for quick addition or for a test drive. Limited range of Languages supported.

Photo Gallery (4.5/5)

Latest Version: 1.2.46

Download link: Here

The Photo Gallery is highly responsive plugin for WordPress and supports the following views while displaying images and screenshots: Thumbnails, masonry, Mosaic, Slideshow. There is a responsive image browser with chance for the viewer to select the image. The Photo Gallery supports unlimited photo uploads and also supports audio playback while playing the slideshow of the images. It is easy to display videos from vimeo and YouTube in the gallery. Allows tagging the photos one at a time or for all images in single go. Wide range of languages supported.

Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite (3.6/5)

Latest Version: 2.3.8

Download link: Here

Soliloquy Lite is a nice plugin to create the unlimited sliders in the webpage. The plugin allows the user to add caption, alternate texts, and description to all the images being uploaded and hence is SEO friendly. The plugin supports drag and drop feature to upload the images in to the gallery. All the sliders support drag and drop feature. The plugin supports touch responsive gallery which helps in improving the user experience. The plugin also supports meta editing of images.


Latest Version: 1.0.4

Download link: Here

The Gallery plugin is fully responsive and supports mobile platforms. The plugin supports uploading images in batches. The gallery supports different resolutions and sizes. The plugin is famous for hovering effects and has an option of about 15 hovering effects. The Gallery plugin supports all latest browsers. The small things’ big effect can be seen where the transition effect is real fast with its super-fast algorithms and rigorous testing. The icons in the gallery are fully customizable to match the style of the main website.

Gallery – Photo Albums – Portfolio (3.3/5)

Latest Version: 1.3.33

Download link: Here

Rather than a image gallery, it is a mixed solution for multiple media options. The plugin supports Video and audio features including an mp3 player. The video player in the gallery can broadcast videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Google Video, Flickr, and more. There are much more excellent features such as pagination, image slider, portfolio and more but are available only in pro version.

The ratings are only single hint on the responsiveness and usefulness of a plugin. No plugin can match the user requirement by 100% and the ratings may vary depending on the percentage of mismatch between the expectation and the behavior. Users are hence better in trying out all the top 5 and choose only that meets the requirement in the best possible way.

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