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The digital cameras have the capability of producing detailed photos today and with fabulous colors. However, there are some people who will need refinement in terms of red-eye, lighting effects and white balance. They will need something to be cropped or few other things to be corrected on the images. It is advisable for such people to go for a photo editing software on their computers. The people with advanced requirements will invariable opt for Photoshop of Adobe. It is great software and there are other programs that are available in the market today without any charge. An entire photo-editing package will support everything that is needed to enhance the texture of your photos and achieve great artwork.

These are the best five free photo images software:

  1. Adobe Photoshop 7.0 – This software has become the benchmark standard for photo editing on a professional level. It will help you explore plenty of creative options and create top quality for images when they are printed. It has a streamlined web design. There can be no challenging this software. It is perhaps the best program available in the market. The best part about this software is that it can be downloaded free.


  1. GIMP – This software is considered as the best alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is open-source software which depends on a volunteer community who maintain it. It is available both for PC and Mac and the level of editing is highly professional. It is ideal for designers. It has a window which is dedicated to displaying of images with separate windows for organizing the layers and toolbox.


  1. PhotoScape – This software enables creation of animated GIFs and slideshows in addition to image editing. You can capture screenshots and split and combine images. The toolbar can be customized for the features to be organized and then you can revert back to the default toolbar whenever you like so that you can explore all the other offerings of the software. The tools have a good mix of basic and advanced features. You can change the RAW images to JPEG from the DSLRs or any other advanced cameras.


  1. Paint.Net – With this software, even a novice can become an expert. The interesting thing about this program is that it was initially developed as a project for an undergraduate senior design. It was done under the mentorship of Microsoft and it is still maintained by that same alumni. It was intended to be a replacement for Microsoft Paint that was packaged as part of the Windows operating systems. This software offers an intuitive interface for the user as it has special effects and supports layers


  1. Picasa – This software is popular for its photo organizer and the slideshow creation. There are many basic tools for editing that can be used by a layman designer. PC and Mac both allow you to share the photos on the Google Plus profile. The photos can be scooped up easily by using Picasa on the disk drive of the computer and they can be formatted for sharing. A standard size could be selected for uploading and this software will look after prepping your photos.


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