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Where is it located? What are the top software of adobe?

Ever wondered how could a browser support such vivid videos and other elements which are responsive and supports user interaction? Isn’t it fascinating to see that the PDF (Portable Document File) is still the one and only globally accepted (In fact, it is a de-facto ISO standard, ISO 32000-1:2008) format which can secure all the elements digitally and protect the format of images and fonts? These breathe taking applications are from one of the renowned American Multinational Company, Adobe Systems. In this article, more details of Adobe, the location of its main and corporate branches worldwide are discussed. Rest part of the article takes you through the enticing products offered by Adobe Systems namely: Adobe Air, Adobe Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader), Adobe Photoshop and other video editing and e-learning software.

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Adobe History

Adobe Systems is a 33 year old firm and its head quarters is located in San Jose, California, US. The Adobe branch offices are present worldwide and have become one of the great employer in many regions. Adobe started its business with the Type 1, an owned product related to fonts and Postscripts. Until now it has followed a daring journey in the software industry through billion dollar acquisitions in order to retain its leadership in the desktop publishing and multimedia software.

Adobe Products

Adobe has its great reputation products serving the wide range of industries across multiple platforms. The Adobe Photoshop, a revolutionary product since past 25 years, is graphical editor software for desktops. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop was released on 15th day of June, 2015. The Adobe Photoshop is a flagship product and is an industry’s de-facto product for editing images. Adobe Photoshop can be downloaded from here for Windows platform. Another Excellent audio editing software is Adobe Audition software which is used to create professional Audio tracks using multiple sounds which are pitch corrected and frequency modified. The latest stable version is CC 2015, released on 16th day of June, 2015.

Adobe Dreamweaver is yet most appreciated web pages developing software from Adobe. The latest stable version of Adobe Dreamweaver is CC 2015. Dreamweaver supports the following features: Design view and code editor (side by side), Syntax highlighting, automatic code completion real time syntax checking and many more. Adobe Air is a cross platform runtime system for developing apps for both desktop and mobile applications. This is a special tool which can be used to create contents and applications which can run outside browsers as native applications would run.

Adobe Video editing software and Adobe Visual Effects software includes the following: Adobe prelude, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe prelude is used to review, import, export, select and create speech transcriptions and rough cut creations. Adobe After Effects is used in post-production process of picture making and for television production. Animation, composition and tracking are a few prominent features of the Adobe After Effects.

Adobe Captivate is an e-learning software from Adobe and is an e-learning tool which is compatible to both Microsoft Windows and Mac platform. The swf format is the de-facto and the software is used to create animations, simulations, scenarios and quizzes. Hence, it is complete package for learning and will also be a visual treat for students and technology enthusiasts. The Adobe Captivate can also interact with the user via mouse clicks and key presses. Adobe currently has wonderful offers on this innovative e-learning tool and more details on offers are available here.

The Adobe Systems is definitely a pioneer in multimedia industry with its products ranging from photo editing, video editing to e-learning.

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