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20 Nice Fabric Textures

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Texture is present in almost every part of our life. It is on the sidewalk concrete, texture of the fabric on your chair or interiors of the house, texture on the glass, titles and many more like that. Texture gives a 3D effect. They make the product look more beautiful and attract people towards it. They are very appealing because of the fact that we see them and also feel them in our everyday life. This is the reason why texture has become a very important part of our life. To create nice fabric textures you can make use of Photoshop. Photoshop is not just limited to manipulating photos and retouching images, it is used for many other purposes too. By making use of Photoshop you create your own beautiful textures. For making custom build textures many techniques are available online.  Photoshop gives you to feature many textures like brushes, layer styles and filters. If you want ready-made nice fabric texture then you can check them online too.

Here are the 20 nice fabric textures that you will love to see for your website:

1. Fabric Backgrounds x10

Fabric Backgrounds x10

2. Linen 2.o

Linen 2.o


3. 9 HD Seamless Fabric Textures

9 HD Seamless Fabric Textures

4. Fabric Texture Backgrounds – Brown

Fabric Texture Backgrounds - Brown


5. 10 Colored Leather Textures

10 Colored Leather Textures

6. Canvas Texture

Canvas Texture

7. Tileable Linen Fabric Textures

Tileable Linen Fabric Textures


8. 4 Small Grain Fabric Textures

4 Small Grain Fabric Textures

9. Vintage Lockbox Digital Paper Backgrounds

Vintage Lockbox Digital Paper Backgrounds

10. Theater Curtains effect background

Theater Curtains effect background


11. Soft Web Patterns

Soft Web Patterns

12. Luxury Leather Textures Pack

Luxury Leather Textures Pack

13. 27 Craft Felt Textures

27 Craft Felt Textures

14. 6 Fabric Patterns

6 Fabric Patterns


15. Black Leather Texture

Black Leather Texture

16. Velvet Fabric Texture – Rich & Grungy

Velvet Fabric Texture - Rich & Grungy


17. 7 Leather Textures


18. Black Leather Background

Black Leather Background_1

19. Fabric Texture Unlimited Set (PSD+PNG+JPG)

Fabric Texture Unlimited Set (PSD+PNG+JPG)

20. Wool Knit Textures – Knitted by Hand

Wool Knit Textures - Knitted by Hand

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