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15 Free Music Player PSDs

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To design and implement music player PSD is a very difficult job. But after using these designs it will definitely assure you to reduce your work. It will help in saving your time. You do not have to build concepts for making music player PSDs. Many developers are there who aren’t able to design the perfect PSD for music player. Only some experts can design perfect music player PSD. This is very important for getting success in the business. If you’re interested in any application related to media player for both audio or video then you can look for these PSDs. They not only work with various links but also deliver quality PSDs.

Audio or video players with seek buttons and controls get attracted towards some individuals but some refer others. Minimal and best PSD designs should be selected. You can easily avail them online.

1. Dark Purple Player

Dark Purple Player

2. Blue Music Player

Blue Music Player

3. White Music Playlist

White Music Playlist

4. iOS7 Music App UI

iOS7 Music App UI

5. Mini Music Player

Mini Music Player


6. Album Artwork Player

Album Artwork Player

7. Dark Micro Player

Dark Micro Player

8. Dark Music Player GUI

Dark Music Player GUI

9. Transparent Player

Transparent Player

10. Music Tooltip

Music Tooltip

11. Dark Mini Player

Dark Mini Player

12. Grooveshark Mini Player

Grooveshark Mini Player


13. Basic Player GUI

Basic Player GUI


14. Blue Audio Box

Blue Audio Box

15. Glossy Player

Glossy Player

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