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20 Best Fancy Cursive Fonts

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Fancy cursive fonts or writing fonts in calligraphy is no doubt can attract any one. These look good in eyes and can actually kick your business at a fast pace. The more attractive your font is, the more eyes catching your design would be. Fancy cursive fonts are very attractive to watch and soothing for the eyes.

It gives your design an elegant and royal look. You can also create playful, joyous, sinuous, mesmerizing or sometimes amazing and mysterious effects with the use of these fancy cursive fonts. You can find various cursive fonts online but it is really unfortunate that the effect of most of the fonts is not as fancy as we need.

That’s why; here we are providing you available in the net with our immense research. These fonts will help to enhance the creativity of your design and give your design the exact effect, you will in need of.

1. Bandung

Bandung Cursive Font

2. Nabila


3.  Melany Lane Fonts

Melany Lane Font

4. True North Font Pack

True North Font

5. Brandall 


6.  Graceful


7. Stringfellows Typeface

String Fellows

8. Veryberry Script


9. Hummingbird – Bold

Hummingbird - Bold

10. Brooklyn Girl

Brooklyn Girl

11. Seren Script

Seren Script

12. SuarezSuarez

13. Paname FY Regular

Paname FY Regular

14. Sourdough Font

Sourdough Font

15. Peaches And Cream

Peaches And Cream

16. Handoubt Typeface

Handoubt Typeface

17. Steady


18. Zelda


19. Hollyhock – A Messy Calligraphy Font

Hollyhock - A Messy Calligraphy Font

20. Bulgary


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