7 Great Free FTP Softwares

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Cloud computing may have taken over the lives of most people today but there are many individuals and businesses who depend on the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). There is a very strong reason for the dependence on FTP. It is because the system is easy to follow and use; it is reliable and it can be installed securely. Its server is actually a software.html kind of application which runs the File Transfer Protocol. This is essential for exchanging of files over the web. FTP is a network protocol on standard basis and it is meant for transferring the computer files from a particular host to another over a network which is TCP-based like the World Wide Web.

1. FileZilla – This is a free FTP program that offers both a server and a client. It is open source kind of software which is distributed free under the General Public License GNU terms. Support is made available through Wikipedia, bugs and features request trackers and through its website’s forums. This software is easy to use and supports FTP, FTPS and SSH FTP. The program will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It also has an IPv6 support. You can access it in several languages. It will support transfer of very large files and resumes. The program also features a useful site manager with a transfer queue. The transfer speed is configurable for its limits. You can edit a file, remotely.


2. gFTP – This is another solid application on offer for a Linux desktop. It features FTPS, HTTP, FSP and FTP protocols. It also provides proxy support for HTTP along with bookmarks as tools. It will support UNIX, NT (DOS) and FXP file transfer type of directory listings.


3. Free FTP – This software has a simple interface for you to transfer the files easily and quickly. Its distinct features include profiles of multiple servers and the capacity to transfer the files in auto or binary mode. The features comprised of drag and drop option. Unique bookmarks are provided as tools. This software works very well with Vista, Windows 7, 8 and XP.


4. BareFTP – This software works as Linux client software which uses the Mon Framework on a GNOME desktop setup. It focuses on a simple interface and an offer FTPS, FTP and SSH FTP. All levels of users would be comfortable with this software’s interface.


5. FireFTP – This is unique kind of software which serves as an add-on for the Firefox browser. As a result of this, the software works very well across many platforms but also works compatibly with recognizable environment. It features SSL, SFTP and TLS protocols and directory comparison. There is support provided for almost all encoding. There is a search system with a drag and drop facilities and filter with integrity checks.


6. Coffee Cup FTP 4.5 – This software is user friendly. It will connect to a server of your choice with just a click of a button. It will download and upload files by dragging and then dropping them to your server. Its activity pane is neatly organized to give you an overview of the status of uploads and downloads of files. Complicated logs of FTP are a thing of the past now when you start using this software. The program also allows you to cancel or pause the file transfers. All errors are shown in a readable format.


7. Bitvise Tunnelier – This is a popular client among many users for FTP transfers. It is recognized by many users to be a fast SSH client and it has a basic FTP client that is strapped on to it. ON an SFTP, it is several times faster than FileZilla. And this is important when you are transferring larger files.


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