7 Free Duplicate File Finders

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When you have identical kinds of files in various locations on your computer, it can create confusion and a dilemma at a later stage. You will not be able to identify the version you want to use and that will create a conflicting situation. It not only takes up more space on the hard drive but it becomes difficult to manage all the files. It becomes tough to know which file you want to use finally. It is a confusing situation which does not become productive. It is best to keep a single file version and remove the duplicates that you have been working on. This increases productivity and speeds up the computer you are working on. It will also reduce the cost by making more disk space available to you.

These are the seven best free duplicate file finders and removers:-

  1. Anti-Twin – This software provides the basic settings to seek out duplicate files and then delete them. You can search by file size. An interesting feature is that you can search for identical files having different extensions. The interface will display all the important tasks. You can choose a folder and apply the filters when you want to search for duplicates.


  1. Fast Duplicate File Finder – This software has one of the best interfaces that you can come across for duplicate finders. The tool has a preview section where you can check out the text or audio files before you remove them. You can also search by the similarity of files. The software not only finds out the identical files but it will also identify similar kinds of files by a degree of your choosing.


  1. CloneSpy – This program offers a simple interface and its options are neatly displayed on the main window. It is useful for conducting a fast search for duplicate files and removing them. There is no need for setting up many options. Another feature is a provision of multiple work spaces that you can save as default.


  1. AllDup – This software offers many options when you have to customize the tasks in a precise manner. Search results can be sorted easily and the program will support the search filters. The program will support all devices that are recognized by the computers like DVD and USB. The major features get displayed on its main window and the user has to check the hard drive partition for a particular folder.


  1. Auslogics – This software offers a modern interface that can be used by everyone. It scans fast and identifies the selected locations from the hard drive. It will enable the users to search the desired files only by their size, name and date of creation. Action can be cancelled or paused at any time you like. It can perform a search in different locations of the folders.


  1. Advanced Uninstaller Pro – This software offers a set of numerous tools. It contains a free finder tool for duplicate files. It will scan the disk for these duplicate files and will show you the list. You can then delete them and save the space on your disk drive. The interface can be used easily.


  1. SlimCleaner – This is software made exclusively for disk management. It contains the duplicate file finder program. The software has three types of settings – IntelliMatch Accurate Scan, a Moderate Scan and a Quick Scan. There is an option that allows you to search for specific types of files and will list out the folders that can be ignored.


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