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Curtains were up and there was only Microsoft office for word processing when one was searching for a word processor a decade back. That was a fact a few years before too. The Microsoft office is not in even bundled Windows 10 operating system and continues to be available for purchase as a separate entity. Presently, user now has to look for the way to choose the best of the word processor which are available for free. The internet world now has many free word processors. But if somebody needs the word processor for free, this article is the solution. In this article, best of the available [free of charge with modest of functionality] Microsoft office alternatives are discussed.

Free Office from SoftMaker for Windows

SoftMaker Office Mobile for Android

Free Office is a fully fledged Microsoft office alternative and is available for download for free from here. It covers all essential office suite applications such as word processor, spread sheet application and presentation graphics programs.

Word processor is called TextMaker by Free Office and can be used to create stunning professional layouts for articles and documents. The files generated using TextMaker are Microsoft office compatible which is vital for success of any free word processor.

Spreadsheet application is called PlanMaker by Free Office and can be used to create mind blowing graphs and amazing charts within minutes. All the capabilities of Microsoft excel are available to an extent.

Presentations are PowerPoint equivalent which can be used to create delightful slides with animations and active slide transitions.

The Free Office is compatible from windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and down till windows XP.

WPS Office

WPS office is “yet another” best office suite in the market. The suite is available for download for free here. WPS office suite has all the three essentials writer, presentation and spreadsheets. (That’s what WPS stands for). With over 230 fonts and hundreds of free templates WPS is a pleasure to use tool for document generation.

The WPS is also available for mobile platforms and documents which look alike on PC can be generated on the go.

Open office from Apache

Apache open office is a truly open source, community generated software with over two decades of participation and efforts.

What all does an open office user gets?

Open office hosts fully featured word processor, spreadsheet for crunching numbers and presentations. Niche place where open office is step ahead is in the graphics and database application. Software which is open source is much more secure, more stable and more flexible.

All the above three office applications (Microsoft office suite alternatives) are the best, but there will be definitely some lack of premium features (ex: VBA support (VBA helps in automating many tasks in Excel and to handle huge data and multiple computations easily), macros etc), but for a home user they will still fit the bill. Since all of the listed free office engines are free, best way is to try all of them and walk along with the one whose user interface and features makes the application most productive.

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  1. I used OpenOffice (later LibreOffice) for a long time, tried out WPS Office, and for about two years I use SoftMaker FreeOffice, so I know the differences quite well.
    And those are many!

    E.g. FreeOffice opens/saves all of my Word, PowerPoint and Excel files seamlessly without losses. It has an excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, whilst the others all screw up formatting, especially when using current docx, xlsx or pptx files.
    Another point is the hunger for resources: FreeOffice is slim and fast, whilst OpenOffice needs five times more hardware space and operates pretty slowly in comparison. I also prefer the user interface of FreeOffice, it’s comfortable and easy to use, almost similar to that of MS Word 2003 without ribbons, plus several modern extensions. IMO the ui of OpenOffice looks clunky, and many features are harder to find.
    WPS Office has a nice ui as well, but only in English and Chinese (I prefer Spanish) – FreeOffice is available in multiple languages (dictionaries and ui). And WPS has another no-go, it changes Windows regional settings at every launch of any WPS Office app, making big problems for other apps.

    There are several more differences, but to make it short: SoftMaker FreeOffice is by far the best among the competition of free office suites.

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