Marshmallow Calls for Android developers

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The Android release versions have followed the tasty sugar based candy naming conventions. Cup Cake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Ginger Bread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Lollypop and presently the next confectionery based theme name is Marshmallow. Marshmallow is a soft confectionery made up of sugar, albumen and gelatin. Marshmallow is the name for the latest update for Android users which will be released shortly by Google for all Android users.

The changes in the operating system calls for detailed testing of existing apps to make sure the apps behave in the same way as expected without any hiccups in later part in time. To enable the smooth transition, Google has released the required frameworks and APIs for the Android developers to test their application behavior. The apps developed already for earlier versions needs to be retouched if not reworked entirely.

Introduction to New OS Releases

Marshmallow Android Update
Marshmallow Android Update

Since first commercial release of Android 1.0 on September 23, 2008 the Android OS has updated and evolved with its intrinsic material design, innovative user interface and performance optimizations to keep up with the latest technology in Gaming, Communication and Multimedia. Android 6.0 SDK is the latest version and can be down loaded through SDK manager in Android studio. Presently API level 23 is active and the developers can target the API 23. Updating the app project and app to version 23 helps in testing the applications for all the new features (including auto backup and permissions). Auto backup and the permissions of the apps and how it is handled are refined in the new Marshmallow update.

Things to do by a Android App Developer

Finger print support and Doze power saving mode are two of the new platform features introduced in Marshmallow update. Along with that a ‘new permission model’ is introduced which eases and standardizes app installs and update procedure.

The two major things which are changed at API level compared to previous update is the final permission, user interface and updates to the Fingerprint API. The former enhanced some of the permission behavior and the latter is present in the update to support a reliable enumeration of Finger prints, and to generate more useful error reports for the application and hence the user and enrollment experience for greater reliability.

Summary and Latest Support from Google

Google play has released new improved Beta testing facility which can be used to test the developed application for compatibility for Marshmallow users and other older operating systems. This helps in getting feedback in early stages. The applications modeled for Marshmallow should ideally execute seamlessly on Marshmallow compulsorily. Following proper guidelines will retain the compatibility to the earlier versions of the Android (Kit Kat, Ice Cream Sandwich etc). The goal of the entire process by Google is to promote more and more participation from App developers. This helps in improving the app and the environment for code developers making the operating system updates more successful from Day 1 of the official release.

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