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Paper is an ideal notes jotting down application is a note taking app by fifty three corporations. It has been awarded the prestigious “Apple app of the year” award. It is also the winner of Apple design award. This article boasts the application’s features and also gives the latest news of Paper application.

Paper is presently available only for iPad but currently in their official blog, they have informed that Paper will be set to release for iPhone. This is the most anticipated move by millions of iPhone users. The exact date is still not confirmed but it will be “coming soon”.

Application of Paper Application

THINK IT Paper Application from Fiftythree 2
THINK IT Paper Application from Fifty three 2
THINK IT Paper Application from Fifitythree 3
THINK IT Paper Application from Fifty three 3

The paper application is useful for everyone. A designer who is planning to modify the interiors, an engineer who is drafting a proposal for the customer meeting, or an architect with his/her new conceptual designs and a business man planning his operations.

The experience of drawing on paper is delightful that it soon becomes an addiction. Hats off to the artificial intelligence (Think kit’s intention engine) which makes the efforts of users very effective. So that anyone can turn out to be professional artist in no time.

The application’s concept is simple. Zero clutter, huge efficiency. There are no buttons, folders, menus, settings to bother the user. Once the app is launched, everything (technology) goes out of the way, A real, simple UI comes up. The fountain pen draws both thick & thin wires easily based on the tool selected. This is one of the success factors of the application.

Wow Factor of Paper Application

THINK IT Paper Application from Fifitythree
THINK IT Paper Application from Fifty three

The most wow factor of the Paper application is the feature that allows the user to chose an option which is more realistic to his requirement and drawing using single pen makes its a grand majestic feeling. Holding the pencil in hand is itself a great feature and feeling. It hides all the technical stuff and presents the niche experience of real drawing on canvas.

Features of Pencil

Pencil, the real hardware thing which should be bought separately is the highlight of the paper application – variation in the pressure and inclination will be used for various thickness and shades. The Pencil also has eraser on the other side which can be used to draw on the drawing to erase a part of it. Hands/Fingers can be used along with Pencil to create beautiful smudge effects. Palm rejection is another feature which allows the user to rest their palm on the screen yet not disturb the drawing. The pencil speaks to the iPad through Bluetooth and has battery capable of lasting up to q month under normal use.

Hence, there is no doubt that the paper application from fifty three apps is a number one most attractive notes taking application.

The pencils are the real physical things which can be hold by the hand and draw available for purchase from website and are available in attractive gold, coffee and black colour. The Paper app is compatible on Apple iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

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