Three Weeks Experience of Windows 10 Operating System

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Are you still waiting to see pros and cons of Windows 10? If you have Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 already on your device, then you’ll get a free Windows 10 operating system. But changing OS is a one big thing for you and your laptop device. This article summarizes the Best things and the worst of the Windows 10. In short, you should definitely try Windows 10. Go ahead!

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Speaking of Windows 10, (Supposed to be Windows 9, but philosophy behind the operating system revision has made the Microsoft to call it Windows 10) it is free to most of the users, has been already tried and tested by thousands of users worldwide (before official release). About 4 million people have participated in Beta testing of the device making it the only product of Microsoft Windows which has been Beta tested so intensely.

New features in Windows 10 those are welcome

Start menu is back and has other standard applications from Windows utilities. Start Menu is one of the attractions. It gives you the most used app list and a shortcut for all apps. Also has ‘life at glance’ and ‘play and explore’ Windows in the start menu which can be customized, this can be resized. Windows and start screen can also be called if one wishes.

Windows phone users have really liked pinning the tiles option. Rather than creating shortcut for application can be pinned. This is great and important to be more productive. (Just the stuff which is required on screen will be on screen).

Hey Cortana

Search Box is more accessible compared to Windows 8 (Where is search bar in Windows 8?). Cortana is present in advanced form and capabilities in Windows 10. Cortana features are most enticing making the interface between the user and the device innovative, friendly and as simple as possible. For example, one thing Cortana can do is check your mail, find the details of your next travel, check the flight information and inform you about the possible delays if any. It is a great experience. Spending time with Cortana to help it to help yourself is worth the time and you will be more efficient with Cortana.

Virtual Desktop, Browser and Edge Browser

Virtual desktop is one admirable feature of Windows 10 which allows the users to virtually have multiple computers. All the music and movie related is one and all the office work in another. Earlier it was possible to share the screen with two applications. Now it is double up to four applications. The user can snap the application into any one corner of the display.

The Microsoft Edge, the music application, movies and TV apps are appreciated but not to the extent expected. One Note, calculator and mail apps comes along with the bundle.

Windows 10 is new in terms of how it handles new updates. The updates are now mandatory as they call it the last and final operating system from Windows 10. The features and drivers keep updating and evolving over time and there will be no more new OS.


Undoubtedly, there are bugs and patches, loopholes and updates still. Yet Windows 10 is a must OS to have if you are a Windows user.

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