Review and Detailed Specifications of OnHub

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OnHub is the latest product from Google which is nothing but a router for your home or office. The features are not remarkable yet but it calls for the attention because it is from Google, the giant who has already achieved so much in driverless vehicle driving. It is time to recall the product ‘Amazon Echo’. A new door created by Amazon for its new customers. OnHub is a smart Wi-Fi router with many more features to top up itself in the time to come. It is one cylindrical thing with gorgeous dimmable LED rings. The most of it has to come only after Google reveals more applications of it.

Features of Google OnHub

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OnHub automatically finds the best Wi-Fi connection (speed, antenna and the frequency) with the help of built in software to leverage the best of current internet service subscribed by the user. Prioritising Bandwidth is a new feature and is welcoming. If you have Wi-Fi TV you can just allow enough bandwidth for the TV to receive notifications (mails, calendar events etc), but not download tons of updates which user may don’t want to happen. Bandwidth prioritization can be done with the help of the application using Mobile. That’s the best part.

The OnHub is cylindrical (though it is not center of attraction) – Its physical shape enables the user to receive best Wi-Fi connection, no matter where he/she sits. A major friendly feature- On Hub is configurable using Smartphone. It keeps many things simple including setting up the devices, network diagnostics, statistics, prioritising and bandwidth allotment and more. The application Google On app can be used to share password (of Wi-Fi) with a friend, identity hiccups in the connection, control the hub remotely and see the list of connected devices any time.

What to look for in OnHub?

OnHub already houses Bluetooth smart ready 802.15.4 and weave. What is means is that the Internet of Things and smart home facility will make all the other intelligent devices to talk On Hub. OnHub is about to become one thing to take care of all the things in a smart home (Think of automatics AC control, Room heating equipments, Refrigerators, Lighting and more).

Updating a conventional WIFI router firmware is not a nightmare but is definitely not user friendly. On Hub takes care of itself. It can download and install new released features (without disturbing the connection).

Technical specifications of OnHub

Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth Smart Ready

Supports Weave


Supports both 2.49 GHz and 5 GHz

Speed up to 1900 Mbps

13 antennas included for the best Wi-Fi connectivity possible

4 GB of storage space

No Blinky LEDS – A dimmable 4 color indication

Can support up to 128 devices @ a time

What is the price of the OnHub?

OnHub is available in blue & black the current price is $199.99


The features of OnHub are not too great for sure for the price. But, the software capability is definitely going to create the wow factor shortly with more and more applications generated for the OnHub.

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