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Review and Features of Samsung galaxy Note 5

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All the series in the Samsung galaxy notes share a few common properties. They are stylus, wide vivid screen and a power packed performance. With many other competitor’s wide screen mobiles, the latter two product features are no longer valid for [only for] Samsung galaxy notes. The stylus is the only thing which will hold the note in the niche area.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Appearance

The screen size is 5.7 inch and is still industry norm to be called it a pocket phone. The reduced bezel on all four sides gives a feel of more ‘easy to hold’ phone. The bottom side is made up of glass and gripping is easy.

iPhones are quite square in shape at the edges. Note 5 are squarer. With the sealed design, a user cannot replace battery by themselves. Also, there is no option for external micro SD card. The pixels in the screen are 2560 x 1440 and with the same old processor the note manages to provide expected performance.

Screen Camera and Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The screen is a visual treat. The colours are vivid and colour temperature and brightness are optional and simple gorgeous. 4 GB of RAM means many things to users – Faster loading, more buffering and less power hungry. Battery life is average and a day can be managed with the internal 3000mAh ones.

The camera section is attractive and is a good thing for galaxy note 5 users. It is a 16MP and it is a belief that all the cameras since Note series begun and indeed good performing one without any issues. The settings option is a pleasure to use. It helps in gaining fine gain control over the camera. Nevertheless the Auto mode works like a charm.

Stylus in Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The stylus is made up of plastic and needs to be pressed once to bring it out of the mobile. The automatic detection of stylus being pulled makes the taking notes easier as it will automatically pop the empty notes for the user to note something.

Stylus pen (also called S pen) is very helpful in grabbing the snapshots of the WebPages and for marking or annotating PDF documents on the go.


The android 5.1 powers up the Galaxy Note 5 and is same as the one in S6 device. To summarize, rather than putting up a pile of new features, Samsung Galaxy Note tuned most of its existing components and yes it is a welcome move and has been appreciated by the industry and the users.

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