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Getting Microsoft office 365 for free (trial) 2016 version

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Microsoft office suite 365 is all revamped and is called office 2016. The platforms supported include desktop PCs, laptops, Windows OS, Mac and tablets. The office has many free alternatives yet all the major organizations choose to stick with Microsoft office for work places. That is the reputation and the trust the organizations and individuals have on Microsoft office products. This article lists all the information of how to get office 365 for trial period and the basic necessities to install them. In the end of articles the available options if one considers purchasing is shared.

Introduction to Trial Version

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The trial version enables the user to enjoy all the features of office 365 Home or office 365 personal. The fully functional office application (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Outlook, publisher & Access) will be available. Only change will be the 1 TB cloud storage which will not be available in the trial version.

Requirements to Get Free Trial Version

Two things are needed to get the trial version on the PC. First, working a Microsoft account and second one is the payment method. Payment method is required even if we are installing office 365 2016 for trial purpose only. Credit card will not be charged until the end of the trial period.

There is a need to have internet access most of the time so that office 365 can install updates and performance tweaks. If the office 365 doesn’t get internet for more than 39 days the application will go down to a limited service one which allows only viewing and printing documents by the user but not editing them. Since the payment method has to be confirmed in the beginning of trial period, make sure to disable auto-renew option in the payment and billing area after visiting to avoid ending paying up when you didn’t wanted to.

A second chance to experience trial version is possible by opting for office 365 Home instead of office 365 professional and vice versa. After a year, trial for the same product can be requested again.

The free trial is valid for a month. A working credit card is still required even for trial version and period. Credit card will not be charged though.

All the documents (Microsoft word, spreadsheets, PowerPoint) creating using office 365 can be opened using Office 2007, Office 2011 and Office 2013 without any hiccups. Older version of office can install the compatibility packs in order to open and edit.

If you are running windows 7 are later operating system, the office 365 trial can be installed.

However, if you wish to purchase office 365 best thing is to opt for office 365 subscription plan (Monthly or yearly) rather than one time purchase in order to have updated office 365 applications all the time.

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