5 Text to Speech Softwares

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Text to Speech (TTS) allows a reader and writer to listen to the narrations so that they don’t have to concentrate on the screen for long durations of time. TTS software programs are quite useful and come in handy for a wide variety of applications. One may also convert text to spoken words and audio files, which can later become audiobooks for promotion of a product, service or website.

Here we have reviewed top 5 Text to Speech business software products so that you can find the best one according to your requirements and budget.


If you are looking for a free software program in this category that would allow you to convert Microsoft Word, PDF and email files into spoken words, this tool is for you. You can use this tool to highlight any word or phrase and have it spoken out loud for you to hear its pronunciation. It is an excellent TTS tool for beginners. The free version is available with a good number of useful features but if you also require advanced functionality and more available voices, you will need to download its paid version. This product has received a good rating from its reviewers and currently it is one of the best tools available in the category of TTS.



This one is a powerful Text to Speech software program that also offers a text editor for using functions like spell check, copy and paste photos and text, and even generate MP3 files – all from a single platform. It highlights each word when it is being read aloud so that you can keep track of the narration. It is basically a clipboard reader with hotkeys macros.



This one is a multi-purpose software tool designed for listening to a block of text using natural voices and for converting many other sources of sound into usable audio files. It has to be used as a recorder to capture sounds from different sources and combine them into an audiobook. It is a powerful tool for any reader and writer who wish to use text to speech functionality for a variety of reasons.



yRead is a simple and easy to use software program providing straightforward text to speech functionality for novice users. It allows the user to load any TXT file in a window and listen to the words in human voice. If you need only basic functionality and a user-friendly interface, this software tool is for you.



This is another hotkey-based TTS software application that allows you to read out loud the contents of the clipboard. You can set different languages and multiple hotkeys for various functions. A number of voices, speech rates and volumes are available so that you can adjust the settings according to your requirements. You can also easily generate MP3 files using this application for your editing requirements. This software tool has received an overall 4-star rating from its reviewers and users and is considered one of the best TTS tools available out there.


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