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20 Cool Photography Logos

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A photograph is a visual representation of memories. A simple yet right moment captured as a photograph is worth a million words.

A powerful logo is the visual representation of your professional photography business. Having the right logo design that can be memorized easily helps build a strong brand recognition which can be an asset for your business.

A simple logo having the right combination of shape, size, symbol, color, text can come out as a powerful yet pleasing logo. They catch a visitor’s attention easily.

Many photographers use symbolic logos with typography which emphasize the photographic business and describe the type of photography they do. These include eyes, cameras, lenses, tripods, apertures, animals, babies etc.

Here are some cool photography logos which can give you some idea to create a unique logo for your photography business.

1. Anthony Fiorin logo

1. Anthony fiorin logo

2. Silfver creations logo

2. Silfver creations logo

3. Photographer logo #2

3. Photographer logo #2

4. Carnivore photo

4. Carnivore photo

5. Photographic logo by Patrick Carter

5. Photographic logo by patrick carter

6. Typophotography

6. Typophotography

7. Photolook

7. Photolook

8. Framed eye photography logo

8. Framed eye photography logo

9. Fisheye photography lab

9. Fisheye photography lab

10. Panday’s

10. Panday's

11. Hunter Sprague photography logo

11. Hunter sprague photography logo

12. Photography business

12. Photography business

13. Food photo blog

13. Food photo blog

14. Kirsten Mccracken photography


15. Zeke and Milo pet photography

15. Zeke and Milo pet photography

16. Say cheese photography

16. Say cheese photography

17. Photomum

17. Photomum

18. Max photography

18. Max photography

19. Business logo

19. Business logo

20. Wildeye photography

20. Wildeye photography

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