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20 Nice Bricks Textures

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Textures find their use in diverse types of industries. A texture is actually the raw material for web and graphic designers so that they can make attractive designs.

“Brick by brick we build our fortress”.

As the quote implies bricks symbolizes progress, security, stability and protection. For these reasons, Brick texture is precise for websites wanting to give their audience a sense of progression and protection along with a homely feel.

Finding a good brick texture isn’t an easy task. The possibilities can be endless as imagination and creativity aren’t limited. So we bring you some nice brick texture that can be used by web and graphic designers to give their site a personal touch and can also be used by homemakers to have a designed living room and textured pavements.

1. 2 Tileable Brick Textures

2 Tileable Brick Textures

2. Clay red bricks

2. Clay red bricks

3. 5 High Res Brick Textures

5 High Res Brick Textures


4. Brick wall background

4. brick wall background

5. Haven rough brick texture

5. Haven rough brick texture

6. Black brick texture

6. Black brick texture

7. Black brick wall on dark background

7. black brick wall on dark background

8. Brick wall

8. Brick wall

9. Sand colored brick

9. Sand colored brick

10. Yellow brick wall texture

10. Yellow brick wall texture

11. 10 Seamless Clean Brick Textures

10 Seamless Clean Brick Textures


12. Tileable stone brick texture

12. Tileable stone brick texture

13. Blonde brick wall texture

13. Blonde brick wall texture

14. Brick texture pavement

14. brick texture pavement

15. Brick texture 2

15. Brick texture 2

16. Brick texture 3

16. brick texture 3

17. 10 Seamless Rough Brick Textures

10 Seamless Rough Brick Textures


18. Clean light brick wall

18. Clean Light Brick

19. Stone and Brick Texture Pack 3

Stone and Brick Texture Pack 3

20. Dark blue wall seamless background texture

20. Dark Blue Bricks Wall Seamless Background Texture

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