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The Amazon underground app is the new buzz in Amazon store and is being provided as a service in four countries. The purpose of Amazon underground application is to enable the users to install external third party applications which are normally free to download from Google Play. But, the applications normally would have many nice features and abilities which needs in app purchases. This concept has been changed totally by the Amazon underground and this articles walks through the same.

Present Scenario

Games such as Candy crush saga, Asphalt racing games and many other striking favorite games such as Angry birds, star war games, shooter and many are free to download. The games are free and addictive. At some point in the game, we may need some more boosters, more fuel, more nitro, more life or more time. This can only be bought if you have money. The applications ‘sells’ those features in the app itself.

The process looks a little tedious but it is working. In fact, it is a tremendous hit. The in app purchase is a major revenue generation source for the application developers, and then stands the advertising part. The Amazon Underground has clearly tackled this situation for its advantage over next few years to come.

Amazon too had its own Amazon store for Kindle, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD devices. The store had a few great games with in app purchases. But, the number of users was less and it was awfully limiting the developers to generate revenue.

New Scheme from Amazon

Amazon Underground app They pay You play
Amazon Underground app They pay You play

Amazon has surely hit the niche spot in the revenue segment in Google Market. It provides a way for the users to experience the full features of the applications and games without purchasing. The user need not pay a cent for the feature except that they have to install the Amazon Underground application.

The Amazon has taken this courageous move and has made an agreement with the app developers to provide all the features free of cost. Amazon pays on behalf of you but in a new way. Amazon pays the developers a small amount ($0.002) per minute (or is it gigantic?) of the time the users uses the app. For example, if a user plays a featured game for 1 hour, Amazon will straight way pay about $0.12 for the developer.

How to get Amazon Underground feature on your Phone?

The application could have been made available in Google Play. But, the Google Play terms says that any application which acts as a new store of apps are not allowed being in Google Play store. Nevertheless the application can directly be installed from Later, the application can be accessed to install featured games which are free of cost and with all the in-apps purchases waived off.

Amazon also claims that this will not only be a one time show glow but a long term venture where the users can only expect more of the benefits. As of now, it is well worth to go ahead and install the Amazon Underground application and enjoy the lucrative games and applications for free.

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