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Apple set to release iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

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The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium will be marking a remarkable event of Apple on September 9th. The abandonment of iPhone5C, 24 K gold version of iPhone 6S, the dates for pre ordering the iPhone6 and iPhone 6S Plus, the dates the mobiles will be available in retail for purchase and many others are expected to happen at this event at the Auditorium.

Apple Prologue

Apple set to release iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus
Apple set to release iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

It is always that the rumors go around before such events from Apple go and many a times there were extremely false rumors around, this time it is more or less being true as the sources and other developments in the recent trends makes to believe what the updates the iPhone6S and iPhone6S Plus will have. The other products expected to get revamped are apple iTV and the technology of front and rear cameras in iPhones. Updates to the Mac and new iPads are also a part of the show. Yet much of the interest is concentrated towards iPhone 6S and iPhone6S Plus.

New Updates

The Way the invite is made “Hey Siri, Give us a hint” simply tracts the fact that Siri is going to be introduced in a never ever before style with more features and improved user interface experience. Siri might be introduced to Apple iTV or to give a face-lift to existing experience in Macs and iPads. Force touch, yet another feature from Apple, which is most likely to appear in the iPhone line of products. This helps in bringing all lines of products virtually on one platform.

iPhone 6S and iPhone6S Plus Pre-order and Release Dates

With the event date disclosed, the pre-orders are expected to begin from September 11th, based on the information the mac4ever has shared. The proof of the intimation Apple has sent to a French courier company has confirmed that, as mac4ever states. The dates the new iPhones will be available is speculated to September 18th, with about 7 days from the date when the pre-orders will be taken. The dates are only a guess from the internet world based on some sources and speculations. September 9th vent will clarify all the doubts undoubtedly.

Camera Update for new iPhones

With the selfie factor growing exponentially in the mobile sales, Front camera is being showcased as one of the prime unique selling point for Mobiles. It is less likely that Apple’s new iPhones will get a front flash for better selfie in dark environment. It is guessed to have a feature what some third party apps already have. At the moment the photo will be captured, the screen brightness increases to max will all white display to give a little extra light.

One major likely feature to be added to the front camera is the panorama feature and slow motion video recording.

The rear camera is improved with a significant face-lift. The 12 Megapixel front camera, 4k video recording, ARM cortex A9 processor powered signal processing for a camera with a better camera sensor all gear up revamp the rear camera of the new iPhones. This is expected to be a major blow to the Samsung line of phones which had been in top position in camera image quality.


September 9th, Apple’s big day, Will pull the curtains off for the products and the myths. It will be interesting to see such a huge fan followers gathering gigantic expectations before the press meet.

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