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Settings in Windows 10 OS to Help Yourself

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If you have purchased a new laptop recently which came with built in Windows 10 operating system or if you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 recently (From Windows 7, 8 or 8.1), it is very important to secure the data from theft and also due to accidental damage. Here are a few things to be done or checked in order to keep not only the data safe but also the operating system more powerful to fight the ever evolving threats from the internet.

Where to locate the Windows 10 update and security control panel?

In the latest Windows 10 OS, access Action center and locate All Settings in it. In the All settings view is the Update and Security option. Click to open it. Now, there are multiple options in the tab present in the right side of the window. The features of all the tabs are briefed here

Windows Update option in Windows 10

Clicking on this tab gives more information on the pending updates which can be installed right now. It also displays the updates which need to be downloaded first and a little bit of details. One useful option for the user is to look at the schedule of next restart of the OS to install the downloaded application immediately. The Advanced Options tab is present in the window at the bottom, where multiple rules can be defined for Windows 10 to decide on its behavior when it finds the new updates.

By: okubax
By: okubax

Windows Defender option in Windows 10

Windows Defender is your free antivirus from Microsoft. Recent reviews and bench-marked results have found that the effectiveness of Windows Defender is not at the epic but is significantly useful to block common threats. The other options available are protection against malware, Trojan horses and more. This helps in protecting and generating more secure anti-malware and gives it as an update in the next update. Unless, you are running third party antivirus and anti-malware software, keep this option on is highly recommended.

Windows Backup option in Windows 10

All the restores file done on Windows 7 can be restored back using Windows 10. This option enables the user to back up most important files such as pictures, MS word documents and more to a external memory device. It is highly recommended to keep back ups from time to time.

Windows Recovery option in Windows 10

If some feature is annoying in the Windows 10 operating system, you have 30 days to roll back to the previous windows operating system. The Windows 10 operating system is more robust and secure compared to previous versions still. The recently installed updates can be removed or all updates can be removed in one click by resetting the PC and staying with Basic Windows 10 OS. The advanced setup has some advanced features to tweak the Windows 10 and is safe to leave it as is unless you know what you are doing.

Windows 10 OS

The latest Windows 10 OS may have seen some hiccups, major updates, patches but yet, industry experts opinion is to set the sail still with Windows 10 because the Windows 10 philosophy about an OS is byitself robust and can become a more admiring partner in the time to come.

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