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What is Force touch from Apple?

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Force touch is yet another innovative, striking, game changing and trend setting hardware and software module which help the mobile to detect the amount of pressure the user is putting on the screen.

Just to brief what it exactly means is that, a touch button on the screen can now sense the pressure the user is putting on the screen. Assume there is a car game and this button can be the accelerator of the car. The speed of the car can be controlled just by the force on the screen; there are yet more useful applications that can be developed making the user mobile interface more delightful in the time to come.

The latest members carrying this force touch feature are iPhone 6S and iPhone6S Plus (Most Expected). The hardware part of the force touch sensing includes two or more electrodes around the region which have the ability to differentiate between double tap and forced press.

By: Robert Hawkes

The sensitivity of the force can be set by the software and hence greater applications can be developed in order to make best of the technology. Apple’s Mac air has already seen this feature in the track pad.

Force sensors placed below the capacitive sensor are able to detect subtle differences between different variations in the pressure and hence have a huge potential for app developers to leverage on this trending touch feature. The force pad can also detect the pressure in a direction which imitate the track pad like feature present in Lenovo laptops.

Presently there is an option for providing haptic feedback. This is a very admirable quality as it helps in informing the user about what is feeding in. For example, a PWM controlled haptic feedback can increase its frequency and strength of the haptic feedback to indicate the force directly which helps in creating a closed loop which is beneficial for many applications.

Applications of Force Touch (unlimited)

Pressure controlled painting is a best example to present the capabilities of the force touch technology. Imagine the artist who is varying the contrast or the shades just in one finger. The pressure sensor now helps in defining movements without actually moving the finger. Mac book and Apple watch have already appreciated force touch by having the technology in the Apple Watch and the Mac Air products.

Navigating the videos, selecting the themes, browsing the pictures will be more sensitive and innovative with the new technology.

The iPhones if equipped with Force touch will definitely bring up a whole new set of innovative games and applications making the technology more useful for the human being. The next news will be out as soon as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus phones will be released to the market.

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