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Facebook Facts and How to Harness Success From it

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This article lists some interesting facts of Facebook and its statistics basically to understand, how deeply it has grown its roots in multiple segments – mobile, social media, multimedia, advertising, campaigns and more. This article states the facts from multiple sources and the stats themselves keep changing at an evolutionary rate. It is a good hint for small advertisers to still hold their cup of tea when this magnanimous giant is growing in advertising section especially.


By: Sean MacEntee


Promoting business and Web Pages are mostly done on YouTube and Facebook. But the fact that billions of users reach to Facebook each day makes the advertising a little difficult because now the set targets seems too small for the enormous sized online community.

The number of Facebook users who use only mobile to log into face book per month is 655 million! Out of which, about 45% of the people logins only from mobile devices. For every 100 videos on Facebook, 75 of the videos will have mobile viewers. The time spent by the users on Facebook site per user looks insignificant (except some exceptional users) but when seen collectively it as about 340,000 years (Only Americans collectively). There are collectively 10 million apps for Facebook platform.

In simple terms Facebook is a number one social media application, has many users who visits the page daily. The amount of investment being done and the profits being reaped is always better than ever. Sales team from the small business organisations now have tuff time to keep their campaigns going on for many days. A small target now set will get achieved in a very short interval. This has negative effect on the normal friend of friend advertising campaigns.

By the time a person retweets to his friend about a product or a mouth watering offer, the campaign would have got over. Hence, the future campaigns have to be more target oriented, strategically planned and careful steps have to be taken towards spending the money on advertising. A few ways to reduce the investment should be looked upon. Whatsapp and Facebook also flows lot of funny videos which finally turn out to be a promotional campaign done by small or even large firms. The amount invested in making the video will be far less compared to direct investment for the same amount of user views on Facebook.

More interesting videos, heart touching, emotional, funny, useful, eye openers, green peace and many other concepts are successful in crating viral videos and even simple images through which there is a possibility for small business owners to harness the growth of Facebook and convert it into a profit than paying a bulk to the Facebook because Facebook is a all time giant.


The industry will keep on revolutionizing things in the future with internet of things where your advertisement could be displayed on the refrigerators of the households. The innovating and low cost ideas are always needed no matter how big the firm is or how much money the organization has to spend. Keeping these things in mind next time before opting for a Facebook promotion will surely help many to save some unwanted expenditures for their product’s or ideas’ success.

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