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No More Nokia Lumia Camera apps

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In an official announcement made by Tiina Jaatinen in the Microsoft Devices Blog, it was announced officially. The Lumia camera apps will not be available any more from app store for the users to download. This is a great blow for the time being for both – People who just bought a Mobile phone with Windows 8.1, and the people who hadn’t installed the Lumia camera apps. The intention is to motivate and steer the community towards the camera app bundle present in Windows 10 package.

No More Nokia Lumia Camera Apps
No More Nokia Lumia Camera Apps

List of Apps Which are Affected

Lumia Refocus, Photobeamer, Lumia Beamer and Lumia Storyteller are the four major affected apps. The online serives provided for these apps will be withdrawn and it is left to the user to safely download and store the data from these online services before the 30th day of October. The Lumia Panorama and the Video Uploader app will continue to be operational but there will be no updates and support from the Microsoft.

If you have these apps in the mobile, think twice before you uninstall. They are nowhere to be found. These apps will be removed from the store officially from September 4th.

The stories present in the mobile which are created using Lumia Storyteller will continue to work without any hiccups. But, the users have to carefully save all the stories published online. The online stories will become unavailable from October 3oth, as per the announcement made in the Microsoft’s official blog.

The official blog quotes “Our goal is to provide experiences that work really well on all Windows devices. In order to do that, we need to focus on making our Windows 10 core Photos and Camera apps great”.

The apps listed above were the primary powerful moves from the Nokia tin their Lumia Phones. Since the Microsoft took over Lumia it is now with the intention of making a distinct image of apps for camera for Windows Phone by Microsoft independent of traces of Nokia in it. This is a great strategically planned Move.

It is not only the rain of blows but it is definitely a great responsibility on Microsoft now, particularly in the camera department. The author in the blog states that the ability of the bundled camera app will be a great match for the Lumia application users. Hopefully, the ability of the bundled ‘Windows Photos and Camera apps’ will bring up more enhanced features and abilities to satisfy the appetite of ever demanding Windows Phone users.

The phasing out of the famous, well appreciated Lumia apps is definitely a risky move. With no clear application information which can take on the functions of Lumia Camera, users are left wondering till the feedback of Windows Photos and Camera app integrates to give a collective picture.

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