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20 Creative leaf logo Inspiration

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Designing a logo is not a mechanical task…like typing. It takes time, effort…but most importantly, creativity. But creativity does not work on its own. It needs to be propelled with ideas.

Often times, logo designers cannot come up with ideas. The situation is worsened when you are working under specifications.

In this post, we bring you 20 cool and creative leaf logo inspirations. Some of the logos come for a company which wouldn’t have imagined a leaf in their logo. But you know, designers are creative!

We hope you find them creative too.

1. Painted Fern

painted fern

2. Blue Leaf

blue leaf

3. Shrewsbury Landscapes

Shrewsbury Landscapes

4. Agroleaf


5. Lemon Powernet

Lemon Powernet

6. Eco Light

edo light

7. Oakroot


8. Cereplast Bioplastics Entry

Cereplast Bioplastics Entry

9. Folia


10. Knoxville Leaf & Lawn

Knoxville Leaf & Lawn

11. Check Green

Check Green

12. Eco-Logic Systems

Eco-Logic Systems

13. Scientific Conservation

Scientific Conservation

14. Oak Bros.

Oak Bros.

15. Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

16. Econotable


17. Topchop


18. Stone Leaf

Stone Leaf

19. Goldstein


20. Tasty Leaf

Tasty Leaf

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