Number one Social Messenger Whatsapp Crosses 900 Million Mark

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The owner of Whatsapp, Mr. Jan Koum, announced on Facebook that the number of Monthly Active Users of Whatsapp have crossed the 900 Million mark. The Whatsapp messenger is presently owned by Facebook, yet Whatsapp continues to operate under its own brand name. There are many other social chat messengers in the race but presently Whatsapp is the winner with a respectful distance from its close competitor.

Number one Social Messenger Whatsapp Crosses 900 Million Mark
Number one Social Messenger Whatsapp Crosses 900 Million Mark

The users of Whatsapp praise many things. ‘No ads’ is one of them. Ads are annoying, spamming and irritating. The same philosophy made the chat application, Whatsapp, the number one app in the world. Nearly 2 billion eyes watch the app every single day. In the race of number of users, the Facebook Messenger comes second with about 700 million active users closely followed by WeChat, another social chat application with 600 million users. The Viber and Line messengers are out of the race at about 200 million active monthly users.

But, the amount of profit made is far less compared to the competitors. Whatsapp isn’t really behind the money. That is apparent when we see that there are no concrete business models for Whatsapp. The Viber application earns money via stickers and call services, for example. Though Whatsapp charges $1 per user for the Whatsapp account, the revenue generated is far less compared to the expected financial growth of the organisation. Still, in many countries, Whatsapp do not charge for the yearly subscription.

The profit what Whatsapp was making was nothing than a number for Facebook when it bought Whatsapp. Facebook clearly knew that the magic is in the number of active users of Whatsapp. The amount of time spent on the application is enormous.

The chat applications are used frequently and for long duration per user. This is a huge advantage for Facebook. It is like people coming to a theatre on voluntary basis to watch advertisements! Neither the advertisements nor the offers are yet made visible on Whatsapp, but the business model might already be ready. The aggregated amount of chat time multiplies the revenue generated by the application owners.

Whatsapp is easy to install, light and super fast. The features of Whatsapp are simple but highly useful for all users. Whatsapp has now become the de-facto for messaging with the companies and individuals carrying Whatsapp numbers as a separate contact. When compared with Viber, Whatsapp is significantly faster. The notifications fail to notify the users of Viber app especially on Windows Phones. Whatsapp have truly excelled in this regard. With teh added voice calling feature Whatsapp has gained more pace and is yet to achieve much more success, and yes, a billion mark soon.

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