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How to Trace a Stolen or Lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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It is not difficult to trace a phone or the iPod if lost somewhere. The Apple products listed can be easily tracked down and the Apple service ‘Find My iPhone’. This article covers two things: The steps to find out the missing iPad or iPhone location and secondly, the things that should be set up as soon as the Apple product is purchased. Let’s get started!

How to Trace a Stolen or Lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
How to Trace a Stolen or Lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If Find My iPhone is Enabled on the lost device

The most important thing is to protect the vital data in the phone. First most step is to login to the web address on a Mac or a computer. If a Mac or the computer isn’t available, kindly find another iPhone or an iPad user and install the Find My iPhone app.

Once installed, it is straightforward to find your device. If you have multiple devices such as many iPhones and iPads, the application will display all the devices registered via Enabling Find My Phone feature. Select the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch you would like to locate. You can remotely ring it if you think you have lost it nearby. Playing a sound helps either you or somebody nearby your phone to find it. After a device is selected the location of the device is displayed automatically.

The next important step to perform unless you find the lost device is to turn on the ‘Lost Mode’. This feature enables the user to remotely lock the phone wherever it is with a four digit passcode. A custom message can be displayed along with the phone number on the device Lock Screen. Once the lock mode is enabled, the ability to do make payments via Apple Pay will be suspended automatically.

Note down the serial number of the product (present on the box) and raise a complaint to the local law enforcement office. The app also allows the user to erase the entire contents of the phone. By doing so, the phone will definitely go out of the radar permanently and can never be tracked. The Phone cannot be activated by a third party until you remove the phone from the account though.

If the mobile is offline or in light mode when the settings are done using the app, the instructions get executed by the phone as soon as it comes online. The Lost Mode gets cancelled automatically after entering the 4 digit passcode set.

If the Find My iPhone application is not activated, then change all passwords. Change password of Apple account, and other accounts such as emails, Facebook and twitter.

The only thing that has to be done as soon as you buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is enabling the ‘Find My Phone’ application. Once verify that the Find My iPhone application indeed shows the exact location of the phone.

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