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Best Selfie Apps for Your Android Phone

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Selfie is the new way of capturing photos. With the rush of high fidelity front camera applications, video calling is taking a new level of user interests. Along with that, taking selfie (capturing photos of self using front camera of the phone) is the new trend now. Google Play houses many interesting apps to optimize the photos taken using front camera especially to improve the appearance of face and skin. This article lists the top most rated, freely available selfie taking and editing applications for Android Phone.

Best Selfie Apps for Your Android Phone
Best Selfie Apps for Your Android Phone

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam 4.4/5

Tha app allows to edit the photo and to optimize the appearance of the face and the skin tone. If there are multiple faces in the photo, the app allows touching up on all faces by automatically detecting the face. Fine lines, skin wrinkles, blush and shine can be removed easily including dark circles. The unwanted background can be erased. Multiple effects and frames are available.


B612 – Selfie from the heart 4.3/5

The application supports video recording via front camera along with sound for 3 or 6 seconds. Various filters are available to improve the appearance and set the mood of the picture and the user. Timer of 2 seconds and 5 seconds are available so as to strike the perfect pose. Crating 3D pictures is possible which helps in presenting a huge number of photos in a fascinating way.


BestMe Selfie Camera & Sticker 4.6/5

This app stands out because of the number of filters (125) and the amazing stickers offered in app.  The app supports selfie stick for taking amazing selfies independently. The new trend on Facebook photos being shred is the emoji and the same feature is available in the app too. Swiping right and left changes the filters and brightness can be controlled by sliding up and down. Creating a collage is one striking feature of this app which saves lot of time for the user.


Candy Camera for Selfie 4.3/5

With a huge candy sticker collection, the selfies can be made better. The filters can be applied for the photos taken in real time. Hence, the preview seen will be the actual photo after capturing. Additional editing tools include slimming (look slimmer), concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara and more. The silent mode in the camera supports capturing photos without making noise, which is a perfect combination for capturing photos for any occasion. The stickers can be resized and rotated to make it the perfect one for the perfect image of you.


BeautyCam-Selfie Solved 4.4/5

BeautyCam is the most beautiful selfie taking app for the beautiful people. The application automatically tones your skin and provided adjustments like sculpt, borders and eye brightness at seven different levels depending the occasion the selfie is clicked on and the mood. The face looks natural yet beautified as the powerful face recognition engine running in the back ground applies optimal toning and enhancements to the face.

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