Facebook is getting a new Dislike button

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Ever wondered a way to dislike your cousin’s weekend party photo on Facebook? The Facebook community has been requesting the dislike button since the existence of like button. Facebook always have clearly said no to the same and was very protective in terms of giving out a release button.

Facebook is getting a Dislike button soon
Facebook is getting a Dislike button soon

Giving a like button increases the positive feel and energy around it. More the number of likes, happier will be the owner of the post. And the other people who liked it. Since there is presently no way to dislike a photo, even if 100 people visit the post and only 30 of them like the post, 30 likes will stand up high, diminishing the opinion of the remaining 70 people. In case, there was a dislike button, only for article sake, then, the number of dislikes would have easily outrun the number of likes filling the negative feel in the post. That’s what the Facebook was avoiding. But that’s only till now.

Facebook stayed in the shell, stating that without providing the dislike button, it is helping the community to avoid allowing people to show disrespect or to allow harassing other people and their ideas.

As CNBC reports, now everything about liking is going to be changed. Facebook has unveiled that there is going to be a major test on one of the feature which is more likely expected to be a dislike button. Given that dislike button is apparent; there might be some innovative safer approach towards dislike button. This will still conserve the philosophy of not providing the buttons in the first place.

One Example can be a case of loss of someone. We do not have a way to show our sympathy towards the death of the wonderful person. Most of the time, a quote given by him or her goes viral and people like it as a way of showing respect to the deceased. But, how about giving a way to show our empathy directly? That’s about what Facebook might be more focused when it says testing.

One thing is for sure. If something is not adding value to the user community and business, that thing should be soon made history. With this regard, the new dislike button should be bringing more money and fame for Facebook in the community.

Even we understand that. The best approach is to allow the user to like, show sympathy, say we are with you and something similar to retweet. This way Facebook will never hurt anybody and your graduation day photo will never get a dislike from your one of the visitor of your page. Let us see what Facebook is set to release shortly.

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