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Microsoft October 6th News and Launch of New Products

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Invitations from Microsoft are already out for the event planned to be held on the 6th day of October. The update from Microsoft says nothing but some hint of devices powered by Windows 10. Windows 10 devices referred here will include new Lumia phones powered by Windows 10 OS along with laptops running on the latest operating system. Read on for the collective information, expectations and rumors on the list of devices which are getting a face lift and the news on the release of new devices too.

Microsoft October 6th News and Launch of New Products
Microsoft October 6th News and Launch of New Products

Expected New Microsoft Devices

Microsoft is a software giant and the 6th October is the big day for the software giant to unveil the list of the latest hardware devices ready for release. The devices will be definitely powered by Windows 10 operating system. The speculation is that the Microsoft may launch following of its products in the event in discussion: Surface pro 4, Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL mobiles and maybe more.

Microsoft Lumia

The heart of the show will be the release of two mobiles Lumia 950 and 950 XL and the face-lift for the surface pro 3 which will be called Surface pro 4. The images of the Lumia Phones 950 and 950 XL were already in the web leaked from the sources. The only thing left to wait and see is the detailed specifications and surprises, especially in the camera and photo hardware modules. With the fact that Nokia Lumia camera applications were drawn back with no support for the existing applications, eyes are there on the special hardware and Windows 10 camera capability to meet the craving of the photo and video enthusiasts.

Microsoft Surface

Surface pro 3 was the full fledged real Windows tablet from Microsoft and has won many hearts. Surface pro 3 is also being used widely in organizations because of its power packed performance and portability. That was indeed a great move from Microsoft towards portable computing. Surface Pro 4 is expected to be lighter and slimmer with better camera quality and battery performance. It can be expected to retain the same dimensions in order to support already purchased dock stations by various organizations in Surface Pro 3. Surface Pro 4 may also boast of intelligence and more functional voice recognition feature. Keyboard can see more improvisations with respect to look and feel for the user.

No wonder, if a larger screen version of the Surface pro device is launched. There is also a rumor of new surface device from Microsoft. In case Microsoft releases Surface device of 14-inch, will it be a deal breaker? We have to wait and see till October 6th.

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