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Smart Keyboard for iPad pro from Apple

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The keyboard is there from ages. Yet the pattern of the keyboard and the demand for it hasn’t changed significantly. The key buttons and the tactile feedback will never go away from our life at least in the next couple of years. The keyboard is definitely used by a majority of the community till now.

Curtains are about to rise for the new smart keyboard from Apple

The Apple smart keyboard is available now in November of this year. The keyboard is especially designed for the new iPad pro and it ergonomically fits the iPad pro. Read on for all the features and how it looks to become a great accessory for iPad pro. The innovative technology and expertise put into the smart keyboard makes it a state of the art writing accessory.

Features of the Apple smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad pro
Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad pro

The keyboard stands to the full size of iPad pro and is outstandingly portable. The keyboard for iPad pro is just like a cover for it. The keyboard is very slim, ultra-lightweight and easily folds and unfolds. The durability of the keyboard is outstanding and is designed to keep the keyboard, the keys and the functional over years of usage.

Each key on the keyboard is protected against water and stain. The thickness of the smart keyboard and is just 4 mm thin. The keyboard gives the accurate, stable and satisfying key feel we generally expect. There are 64 seamless keys.

Innovative way in powering the keyboard

The device contains neither connectors nor any wires. The communication between the iPad pro and the keyboard is through innovative etching of conductive fabric between two layers of polyurethane. The entire etch is only 3.2 mm thin. The truly advanced smart keyboard consists of this conductive fabric material which always ensures seamless communication between iPad pro and the smart keyboard.

The smart keyboard has 3 pin but without any plugs, any switches and doesn’t even need pairing. The smart connector automatically establishes the connections between keyboard and iPad pro whenever required. The fabric carries both power and data.

iOS 9 and the Apple’s smart keyboard for iPad Pro

iOS 9 works seamlessly with the intelligent keyboard adding a variety of useful quick type features for the iPad pro. The iOS 9 houses many shortcuts and works complimentary with the keyboard. Shortcuts such as switching between apps and even customs ones are possible. For example: Pressing and holding a key such as command option or control to see the shortcuts while on any app.

The smart keyboard for Apple iPad pro will be available from the month of November.

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