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Smart Pencil for iPad pro from Apple

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Apple pencil will be available for the users from the month of November to buy. This article takes you through the Apple’s Apple pencil specially crafted for iPad pro. Hope you might have already stumbled on the paper app from fifty-three for iPads. The pencil concept from fifty-three developer was revolutionary and had won may hearts and many more awards (even from Apple too).This concept is similar, but this time the pencil is from the Apple company itself where innovation never stops innovating itself.

Apple Smart Pencil for iPad pro
Apple Smart Pencil for iPad pro

Drawing on a paper with a pencil is easier than drawing on a screen with a stylus. Drawing on paper with a pencil can create many levels of contrast and thickness. Physical pressure and inclination put with the pencil leads to varying degree of shades and darkness. Conventional stylus lack this capability because of the technology behind them. Apple pencil is different. It is revolutionary. Once, user uses the pencil, he will definitely won’t look back for the physical paper option. Read on for the full capabilities of Apple Pencil.

The main difference between the actual pen and paper drawing and Apple pencil and iPad pro drawing is that, the latter is always innovative and the state of art and only one of its Kind. The pencil leaves no delay in inking on iPad pro. The latency between the moment the user drawing with the pencil on the screen till the display appears on the screen is so tiny that it goes without notice.

iPad pro automatically detects the pencil and starts to sample the user input about 240 times a second. This data will later be processed with the Apple designed software making it more responsive at the fastest pace.

What user gets by buying Apple Pencil?

The slender and stylish houses an efficient and accurate pressure sensors, capable of measuring a range of forces. The sensor reads the actual pressure put on the screen and conveys it to the iPad pro. There is no limit on the vivid possibilities of the texture and effects.

How to create shading in Apple Pencil?

Two list sensors built inside the pencil. These intelligently assist the pencil and iPad pro in estimating the tilt thereby creating relative thick shading.

The Battery life of Apple Pencil

The pencil can be used for about continuous 12 hours of operation. The lightning connector present inside the magnetic cap of the Apple pencil can be easily connected to iPad pro for charging the pencil. Even a 15 second of charging of Apple pencil gives you about 30 minutes of usage.

iOS 9 has already optimized many of its app to detect and make use of Apple pencil. The Apple pencil can be used to draw, scribble, annotate and more. The creative apps from the Apple store brings in the much more flare and use cases to the Apple pencil. The Apple pencil is priced at $99 and is available for purchase separately.

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