10 Free Bookshelf PSDs

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Have you ever tried designing a bookshelf? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? I would recommend you to try and decide for yourself. And try doing it when you are time bound. You will know the results for yourself.

Designing bookshelves is not easy because there are over thousands of variations in which a bookshelf may look like. Moreover, you have to make the bookshelf fit in a particular context. Trust me, it is not easy.

That’s why we have rounded up 10 free bookshelf PSDs to help you integrate it with your graphics design need. Hope you find the right one.

1. Books on shelves in flat design

Books on shelves in flat design

2. Bookshelves realistic vector

Bookshelves realistic vector

3. Wooden bookshelf

wooden bookshelf

4. Books on bookshelves


5. Neat bookshelf

neat bookshelf

6. Shelves with colorful books

Shelves with colorful books

7. Library bookshelf

Library bookshelf


8. Bookshelf vector illustration


9. Vector wooden bookshelf with books

vector wooden bookshelf with books

10. Bookshelf vector illustration-2

Bookshelf vector illustration-2

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