20 Free Admin Login / Registration Form PSDs

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Login and sign up is probably the most, if not the most, basic feature available on a website. Almost all the new websites we come across comprises of a registration form. In fact, it is nearly impossible to imagine a web application without a login or a registration form.

Even apps are using it. Or at least you have a social media login, if not a complete full-fledged sign up form.

In this blog post, we bring you 20 free, yes FREE, admin login and registration form in PSD formats. You can use any one of them that suit your needs.

1. Freebies Login PSD Template

Freebies Login PSD Template

2. Login Form PSD

Login Form PSD

3. Light Login Form

Light Login Form

4. Clean Admin Login Form

Clean Admin Login Form

5. Login and User Profile Boxes

Login and User Profile Boxes

6. Login Badge PSD Template

Login Badge PSD Template

7. A Clean & Stylish Login Form (PSD)

A Clean & Stylish Login Form (PSD)

8. Login Window PSD Design

Login Window PSD Design

9. Mobile Login Template

Mobile Login Template

10. Basic Login Form

Basic Login Form

11. Mini Login PSD

Mini Login PSD

12. Login Form PSD Template

Login Form PSD Template

13. Dark Sign In & Sign Up Boxes (PSD)

Dark Sign In & Sign Up Boxes (PSD)

14. Simple and Beautiful Login Form PSD

Simple and Beautiful Login Form PSD

15. Ribbon Login PSD Form

Ribbon Login PSD Form

16. Login Form PSD UI Kits

Login Form PSD UI Kits

17. Day Login Form Template

Day Login Form Template

18. Ionut Zamfir Free login PSD

Ionut Zamfir Free login PSD

19. Flat Login Form PSD

Flat Login Form PSD

20. Day Form Dashboard Login

Day Form Dashboard Login

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