How to Create Self Destructing Messages?

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The need to create self destructing emails never ends. Ever wanted to inform someone about something which needs to be informed only once? Something like a password and username of the online bank account. It will be a real nice idea to delete the sensitive data as and when read. But, if forgotten, one day, somebody who gets access to your emails may sneak this little private sensitive information and create a huge loss. This is one example of a need for one time emails.

Burn Note – Real Private Messaging

Burn Note - Self Destructing Messaging Services
Burn Note – Self Destructing Messaging Services

The Burn note enables the user to send the mails and messages to the recipient. The process is simple. The person, who needs to send a self destructible message, needs to mention the email ID of the recipient. The recipient need not have the account in Burn note to read the messages.

The message will appear as a link to the reader. Once the reader opens the mail, the timer starts to run and there is no way to re-read it again. To read the message properly, the recipient has to touch the message or he has to click and hold the message to read.

Once read, there is no way to recover the message. The Burn Note will delete the message permanently from the server and it is impossible to recover the message from any backups. The burn note service never keeps a backup of the data or the message specifically. Though there is a chance to someone take a screenshot while reading the message. It is extreme but still a particular use case.

The Burn Note messages can be read by people without the Burn Note account by acting as a guest and can respond as guest itself. The Burn Note also disables copying the contents of the text.

Privnote – Send Notes That Will Self-destruct After Being Read

Privnote -Self Destructing Messaging Services
Privnote -Self Destructing Messaging Services

The Privnote needs no registration. The service is very simple and the data can be sent very easily. The sender will simply enter the data in the main window. The Privnote website will generate a link. The link can be copied and shared with the recipients via emails or any other way. Once the link is opened by the recipient, the website informs to copy paste the data if required. The message will be displayed and in the background the message will be deleted.

If the same link is used to reopen the message, the message says the time when it was deleted and informs that the only way to read the message again is to contact the original sender.

The above two services can be used to send private messages, making sure that the copy will never be made available again to the reader once read.

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